Sliced bread and Curly Whirly

  carolineann 15:46 29 Aug 2004

He stated on one of his earlier threads this afternoon that he thought this forum was better than sliced bread.

I agree with him.

After having this site recommended by a friend I only used it to search for minor problems I had.

Then Just before christmas last year I had (for me anyway) my first major problem.

The response was amazing, I had invaluable advise from F.E.,Powerless, [email protected]@m, Stuarti, Diodorus Sirculus and others .

It took most of a weekend to sort it, but with all the help, I did.

My question?

How or why did other members start using this forum.


  Valvegrid 16:09 29 Aug 2004

A few years ago I was trying to sort out a problem on one of the computers at work. I typed in the problem into Lycos and amongst the returns was one from this site. I had to register my details to view the answer, but the answer was there, I just sort of hung around after that.

Nothing very exciting really.

  CurlyWhirly 17:15 29 Aug 2004

I just happened to try it out as I had what was (at the time) a minor problem and after registering and asking the question (which was promply answered) I just sort of got into reading peoples PC queries and replies and I now find myself unable to go a day without at least a couple of visits to this site!

I also very much like Speakers Corner where you can comment on things that are (loosely) connected with computers and I really enjoy this as it is a good read especially when you see witty remarks and sarcastic comments!

  Andybear 17:41 29 Aug 2004

I saw the web site address in the magazine last year and decided to have a look at it. Since then I've been hooked. Apart from the interest factor, it can save you a fortune in tech support phone calls :-)

  carolineann 17:47 29 Aug 2004

Sorry CurlyWhirly,

Hope you did'nt mind me using your nickname as an attention grabber.

Regards Caroline.

  CurlyWhirly 17:47 29 Aug 2004

Apart from the interest factor, it can save you a fortune in tech support phone calls

How right you are as some technical support help lines charge from 50p to £1.50 a minute!

  CurlyWhirly 17:49 29 Aug 2004

Hope you did'nt mind me using your nickname as an attention grabber.

No problem!

  Diemmess 18:11 29 Aug 2004

Possibly a reference through Google......

My own questions, and some I have asked on behalf of friends and family have brought ideas (not always answers) usually within minutes.

It must be well over 2 years when I first found "gold" here, and this site is THE one I visit every day, for all the reasons the others do.

  VoG II 18:12 29 Aug 2004

I read about in the mag about 3 years ago and decided to give it a try.

I still pop in now and then.

  slim 65 18:59 29 Aug 2004

Read about it in PCA. Thank goodness I did ,my pc knowledge and confidence has improved in "leaps and bounds".

  no-name 19:19 29 Aug 2004

Originally, like VoG™ and slim 65, through the magazine.

I thought it'd be a one-off visit but after 3 years+ I'm addicted to it - possibly because it's the most relaxing way (although stressful when the problem is mine!) to learn about PCs, how to fix problems etc. from, in the main ;-), friendly and helpful contributors.

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