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a Slamming front door question

  bumpkin 13:30 16 Mar 2014

Hi all, a bit of an odd question for here but little else going on and maybe somebody can help.

I have a very heavy oak front door which nobody other than myself seems to be able to close without it slamming. I remember seeing many years back a small damper like device that engages in the last few inches of closing to prevent this. I have searched for such an item to no avail. As I am sitting here on the PC bang keeps going the door with people going in and out as it sunny. So I thought why not ask.

  bumpkin 17:39 16 Mar 2014

Thanks spuds, just had a look at your link and there is nothing there suitable. I do not require a door closer but a damper the two things are different. Thanks for trying but if you look at Ex plorer link 2.42pm this shows a picture of the item I require.

  bumpkin 19:04 16 Mar 2014

Looks like I will have to dish out about £50 then or take a screwdriver with me next time I go to Outpatients :-) Will leave the thread open a bit longer in the hope that someone can give me a cheaper source before I slam it.

  Aitchbee 22:30 16 Mar 2014

bumpkin, glad you got it sorted. BTW, The communal main-door press-button-entry system, where I live, [ FYI 6 flats involved ...the ground-floor flats don't count] is to be investigated tomorrow morning by the local council.[I've got to stump up a portion of the bill if any work is done.]

As an unknown, 'third party' has reported 'the door fault', I'll have to set my alarm-clock for an early rise, to see what actual repairs are being done to rectify the main door problem.

[Same problem happened a year ago, I then got wrongly billed for work on another neighbour's interior wiring].

bumpkin ... your house will be oh so quiet now!

PS. When the back-door is ajar [usually when I'm potttering about at the rear ... if you will pardon that expression] a slight gust of wind will slam the back-door shut this usually happens when the front-door and the back-door are simultaneously ajar, so I might mention this to the chap coming tomorrow.

  bumpkin 22:55 16 Mar 2014

"the ground-floor flats don't count" they presumably do not use the door then'

"I'll have to set my alarm-clock for an early rise" expect them about 2pm in that case.

" I then got wrongly billed for work on another neighbour's interior wiring" Sounds about normal to me.

  Aitchbee 12:47 17 Mar 2014

bumpkin, after extensive testing this morning, the diagnosis was "... faulty main panel and complete rewire to each flat. "

Thankfully, the job will get done pronto as there are many elderly and frail residents, that get routine daily and evening visits from various carers ... although, I am expecting a bill of around £100 for this repair ... ouch!!

  hssutton 20:05 17 Mar 2014

Bumpkin. Sorry for not coming back to you, but I though Spuds had put you right. Here's the link for screwfix.

Soft door closer

  bumpkin 21:06 17 Mar 2014

Hssutton, thanks for coming back and the link. Unfortunately the ones that you have shown me are for light duty purposes, I have them on my kitchen cupboards. They are not man enough for a very heavy oak door. Having looked everywhere the only suitable device seems to be that on Ex Plorer link 2.42 Sun. A bit expensive for my liking but that is all I can find. I do appreciate your attempts to help and those of others.

  namtas 11:01 18 Mar 2014

Fire door closures, but would meet you needs

click here

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