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a Slamming front door question

  bumpkin 13:30 16 Mar 2014

Hi all, a bit of an odd question for here but little else going on and maybe somebody can help.

I have a very heavy oak front door which nobody other than myself seems to be able to close without it slamming. I remember seeing many years back a small damper like device that engages in the last few inches of closing to prevent this. I have searched for such an item to no avail. As I am sitting here on the PC bang keeps going the door with people going in and out as it sunny. So I thought why not ask.

  BRYNIT 14:13 16 Mar 2014

I know of dampers for kitchen cabinet doors but never seen them for front door I could be wrong.

The problem I can see with a dampener for a front door.

  1. You would have to wait for the door to close before you can lock it.
  2. The door may not close onto the latch properly.
  bumpkin 14:26 16 Mar 2014

Thanks BRYNIT, I know of the kitchen ones and have them. With the front door I do not mean an automatic door closer which I hate anyway, it is just a small thing that engages just before the doors final closing and slows it down. There is a metal "shoe" about 4" x 1" which fixes to the frame and a roller thing on the door itself, I know that they exist or did as I have seen them in offices and public buildings.

  Ex plorer 14:42 16 Mar 2014

Something like this click here

  Ex plorer 14:50 16 Mar 2014
  bumpkin 14:52 16 Mar 2014

Ex plorer, brilliant! that is it exactly. I will try to find a cheaper source but that or an equivalent is the item I mean, thanks.

  bumpkin 14:56 16 Mar 2014

Ex plorer, posted before I saw your second link. Your first one the damper is what I require not a closer. Thanks

  hssutton 16:19 16 Mar 2014

£8 at screwfix

  spuds 16:22 16 Mar 2014

Have you thought about looking in the Toolstation, Screwfix, Jewsons catalogues or websites?.

  bumpkin 16:41 16 Mar 2014

hsutton, that sounds more like it. Do you have a description or reference please.

  spuds 16:51 16 Mar 2014

Screwfix have a good range, and a new catalogue came out last week, so best to check on their website under 'Door Closers' for prices and reference numbers click here

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