Skype is there a catch?

  peter-297759 11:16 25 Jun 2005

I see a web site called offering free phone calls all over the world from your PC, now nothing`s free whats the catch?, you have to do a small d/load , is it a spyware? or what? anyone know?

  Al94 12:25 25 Jun 2005

No catch, one of many free voip (voice over internet providers)and probably the best. Calls free to other broadband users, you can top up your account to pay for calls to landlines but this is optional.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:24 25 Jun 2005

It is the same as messenger but it's video seems to be not as good although you can phone people who do not have a computer and you only pay local area call costs. If you have shed loads of gobby relatives abroad this may be useful. If not, I would stick with messenger as most computers seem to have it bundled on.

There is a phone company that offers similar priced calls as Skpye to far flung countries but I cannot rmember it ...I'm sure someone here will refresh my memory.

Skype does tend to use ratehr a lot of resources. This should be noted if you have a low specced computer.


  peter-297759 14:15 25 Jun 2005

Well i understand what it is now , may be like gandalf said , messenger may be better unless you have loads of relations abroad, thank`s to both answers

  sunny staines 16:08 25 Jun 2005

does this mean i can ring 0870 numbers from skype on a pc and just pay local rates?

  spuds 11:50 26 Jun 2005

Maybe of interest!

click here click here click here

  flick 00:31 28 Jun 2005

My niece has recently moved to Spain and my brother uses Skype all the time to call her, either to her computer which is free or to her mobile which costs about 1.1 p a minute - you have to buy call credits on Skype Out.

We are about to test it too since my son's girlfriend is spending the summer in the US (BT 14p a minute, Skype 1.1p a minute) so worth a try.

Call charges outside their popular destinations are higher but still cheaper than BT. eg Iceland where we visit often is 2.3p/min to a landline, 15.8p/min to a mobile compared with 42p/min on BT.

I'm told it's a good idea to buy a suitable phone or headset with microphone.

We have tried MSN voice messenger service but never managed to make it work well, and the ability to call out to landlines and mobiles at very competitive rates is also worth further investigation.

  dogbreath1 22:50 29 Jun 2005

I could have posted this to any one of the many Skype threads but this most current one seems as good as any. I've just installed it (Skype that is), remarkably easy to do and the features are excellent. Some headsets (you will need a headset or usb telephone) come with 120 minutes of 'airtime' which are needed if you want to make calls to a landline (known as 'Skype Out') but Skype to Skype calls remain FOC. As GANDALF <|:-)> stated earlier, Skype can be heavy on resource consumption (30 MB on my machine) but if you can stand that it's worth a spin. However, unlike GANDALF <|:-)>, I think it's a lot better than instant messaging (which ironically you can still do in tandem with Skype's voice messaging). If you've not tried it and if you like to a natter with friends or family on the phone (and of course if these 'natterees' are pc equipped), I would suggest that it's worth pursuing. And, if 'er indoors is forever on the dog and bone to the mother-in-law, this could save you a fortune. Nuff said!

  DieSse 22:44 30 Jun 2005


The main problem with Skype is that it's a proprietary standard - it's not automatically interoperable with other VoIP services.

This one uses open standards and IS easily interoperable with other open standard systems. click here click here

What's more, it promises to be better than Skype.

If you get a Sipphone router or adapter, you can also use your standard hanset for VoIP without the computer switched on (you need broadband to do this). click here

Needless to say, Sipphone and Gizmo are interoperable.

  Stuartli 15:47 04 Jul 2005

Skype now also has a video conferencing facility with this utility from:

click here

  Yokel 11:18 05 Jul 2005

Don't use Skype for 0870 etc numbers, those numbers are twice as much on Skype as the already expensive BT price.

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