Is Sky1 back on virgin?

  WhiteTruckMan 14:47 14 Nov 2008

Just been have a quick flick through the channels in peace-a rare opportunity indeed!- and came across what looks like Sky1 on channel number 121 on my cable box. If this is indeed the same sky1 that was lost some months ago, I wonder when it came back? and why? And a side order of how? while we are at it.

I remember all the fuss it caused when it went. Strange that I havent heard anything about its return. Unless the hole I've been living in is sky proof.

Anyone else noticed this wanderer returning?


  babybell 14:53 14 Nov 2008

Vigin Media and Sky settled their differences earlier in the month and agreed a deal. Sky1 was aired for the first time again as of yesterday.

  babybell 14:55 14 Nov 2008
  WhiteTruckMan 15:01 14 Nov 2008

It only seems like about 5-6.

Shows how much I've missed it.

Wonder how badly sky's advertising revenue was hit? Or am I being just a tad too cynical, perhaps?


  wiz-king 15:25 14 Nov 2008

click here posted 8 days ago *grin*

  WhiteTruckMan 15:43 14 Nov 2008

I wasn't aaware of that thread.

Thanks, and I think I will tick this one.


  dagnammit 17:04 14 Nov 2008

I believe in the region of £45,000,000 lost advertising revenue WTM.

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