Sky TV is it worth it?

  [email protected]@ 18:42 25 Apr 2005

Well it's digital so I suppose it fits into all things pc in a way!

We have had Sky T.V in our household since 1986/7 when it first started and was actually free,over the years as more channels have been added the price has risen each year and I have just re-newed my subscription regardless and we have always had the full package.

This year was going to be £41 per month for the subscription and I started wondering if it was worth it so I did a quck poll of the family and the result really surprised me.Hubby watches the football occasionally and the odd film or two but nothing else,my daughter watches the shopping channel and MTV (which are free anyway)and my son never has time to bother with it as he has now found that girls are more interesting.I myself watch documentaries when I have the time and the granchildren watch the cartoons on Saturday when they visit.

The outcome of all this was that last September we cancelled Sky and bought a freeview set-top box instead and although we can't reeive all the channels we have enough for our needs.So do we miss Sky T.V - no,was it worth the money - no,we realise we were paying to watch a lot of repeats and thousands of adverts,most of which were for loans or litigation.

Are we alone with these thoughts or has anyone else *Seen the light*. :o)

  Lettervanman 19:16 25 Apr 2005

I dropped to a lesser package £19.50 a month.
I am now thinking of doing the same as you, how do you find the feeview. Did you need an aerial upgrade?

  p;3 19:20 25 Apr 2005

the agreement I am on for a trial period I am thinking of reverting back to my original package soon as litle gain from present choices and more money to pay:)

however, the analogue system will be swiched off soon;

??from where did you get the freeview box and what goes with it ??

am curious and not uninterested:)

  Pooke100 19:20 25 Apr 2005

When we had sky, we always kept to the base pack and then upgraded for the month to movies at Christmas, then went back to the base pack after the month. We very seldom watch tv in general the missus watches the soaps and I watch Pimp my Ride on MTV, that's it really.

But in terms of reliable service, they're top! I changed from them to NTL cos I already had NTL BB, our digi box from NTL crashes all the time. I must add NEVER EVER have a problem with NTL internet.

  sunny staines 19:58 25 Apr 2005

a high percentage of the programmes are repeats, even some shown as premiers are repeats.

  [email protected]@ 20:29 25 Apr 2005

Mmmm interesting views.

Lettervanman- yes we had to have quite a serious aerial upgrade as although we are only 3 miles from Emley Moor transmitter we are at the bottom of a big hill and the signals passover the top of the house so we had to have as I say *A serious Aerial Upgrade*,i.e a 16foot mast.

p;3 - got a Matsui (Own Brand) set top box from Curries,mainly because I work there,not the cheapest one because you really need a two scart socket model for recording the programmes.It works fine,no need to pay over the top for these boxes and although I sell them I do not think the top-up-tv sets are any good,although others may disagree.

sunny-staines - Agree about the repeats,taking an average week of Sky there really are not many new programmes.

  Joe R 21:11 25 Apr 2005

I'm probably in a minority of one, but I couldn't go back to the bland football coverage, shown by BBC and ITV.

I use Telewest cable along with Blueyonder broadband, and Along with the kids ( nickleodeon, cartoon network etc ) I've got to admit I'd be lost without Skys coverage.

My full package entailing, full Tv coverage, 1Mb broadband, and my Telephone rental, costs around £56 per month.

  [email protected]@ 21:16 25 Apr 2005

£56 per month including broadband and phone rental sounds quite a good package to me,I was paying £41 per month for Sky alone.

  Joe R 21:27 25 Apr 2005

[email protected]@,

It was a deal I was offered around four years ago, when upgrading to broadband, which gave me my phone line rental for free, and £10 a month off my Broadband service.

The tv package has gone up by a couple of £s, but I still get the same deal.

  Pooke100 21:43 25 Apr 2005

As it is from NTL, I get the minimum in the TV and Phone for £19.50 and BB for £19.99 @ 2 meg Total = £39.49. When I had basic bt phone, sky tv and Ntl BB the grand total worked out at sixty something per month.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:00 25 Apr 2005

More channels, more money, still nothing worth watching.

Sky TV is it worth it?....Methinks, no.

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