Sky TV Help Lines

  Bingalau 23:16 03 Mar 2010

I have just noticed over the last few Weeks that when I called the "Sky TV Engineers" for help, they introduce themselves in perfect English. But after a few questions and answers they lapse into their local Indian dialects again, making it almost impossible to understand. I wonder has anyone else noticed this idiosyncrasy. Perhaps it is a method of keeping me on the phone because I normally end the conversation abruptly (perhaps rudely), when I realise I can't understand the first few words.

  Brumas 23:26 03 Mar 2010

I had the same sort of trouble when I phoned the BT helpline with a problem with my BT Talk Hub phone. I persevered but after two or three minutes I just could not understand a word as the guy was talker quicker and quicker - I shall email them instead, at least they will reply in written English, that hasn't a foreign accent ;o)

  Bingalau 07:40 04 Mar 2010

E-mailing Sky TV is a problem in itself. It takes all sorts of searching to find a way to do so. I've tried that and I have managed, after a few attempts to get someone from the customer relations to reply to me. The result of which is they are sending me out a new card. My bedroom telly has been out of action now for three weeks and counting. The very very nice lady at the other end said something about a refund... That'll be nice!

  morddwyd 08:28 04 Mar 2010

Don't hold your breath - we wouldn't want to lose you!

  Macscouse 10:36 04 Mar 2010

I had trouble with the new Sky card earlier this year. Told them to stick it where the sun don't shine. Ended up with 23 days refund, and a free Sky+ system with free fitting. I'm happy,(until the next time)

  Chegs ®™ 11:36 04 Mar 2010

Its not just Sky that has unintelligible call centre staff.I phoned Sky as my box suddenly decided it was incapable of recording,and had to call them a further three times before I finally found someone whose accent wasn't so heavy as to be unintelligible.I had an issue with my broadband,called the providers helpline and had to hang up as I couldn't understand more than 3 words per sentence.Most recent though was Vodaphones helpline,I had been receiving occasional text messages and after each text,I had replied "STOP" which worked for a while but last week it failed so I visited the shop where I bought the phone to ask them to cancel these darn text messages for me.The bloke in the shop called Vodaphone for me then handed me the phone to confirm my identity to the Vodaphone employee who then tried to explain to me to remove the SIM card for 15 minutes which would reset my mobile phone.I could not understand a word,so handed the landline back to the bloke in the shop who "translated" for me.I did as instructed and removed the SIM card,only to receive another text the following day so called Vodaphone again.Having gone through several "if you require such & such,press 1" type messages,I finally got a human voice and explained in quite curt tones that I would not be paying my mobile phone bill if it included any charges for these darn text messages.I was then transferred to a "higher authority" who thankfully spoke excellent english and cancelled these darn text messages,informed me that I wouldn't be charged for them & given a free months mobile TV package for my trouble.

  babybell 13:45 04 Mar 2010

I rang up my car insurance company last night to change the car on my policy, I thought it would be straight forward but I ended up needing to say "but I dont want the breakdown cover" 6 times! And even at the end he still quoted me a price with it on!

"But Sir, it come with home start as well" was echoing around my head last night as I was trying to sleep.

  morddwyd 20:00 04 Mar 2010

It becomes increasingly difficult to get a straight answer to, "Is it "not" or "interested" which you don't understand?"!

  TopCat® 22:31 04 Mar 2010

when I had problems with our Sky+ and a standard Sky digibox. Saved me all the hassle of phoning Sky call centres and the call-out charges.

Firstly, for the Sky+ box try performing a system restore - assuming updating the system software first didn't resolve the problem. Please remember that you will lose ALL recorded programmes from your Sky+ Planner using these methods.

Select 'Services' on your Sky+ remote, then select option 4. Next press 0, 1 and then Select. You should now see the engineers menu. Choose option 8 - Full system reset - and the box will then take a few minutes to reset itself.

Try pausing or recording again and, if the problem persists, switch off the mains power and then press and hold the left and right navigation buttons in on the front of the digibox - either side of Select. Have someone switch on the power while still holding the two buttons in for about 20 seconds and when the ring of lights on the front of the digibox front come on, press Select. The Sky+ recording logo lights will then spin in reverse and the hard drive will be cleared.

Often a software update will resolve some problems and to do this yourself is quite easy and applies to both digibox types - should be the same for the new HD boxes but I'm not absolutely sure about this.

Power off the box and then press and hold in the 'Backup' button. Power on the box, keeping the button pressed in for around 15 seconds until all the lights on the front of the box come on. On the tv screen should be now be the message: "Updating system software. Do not disconnect mains supply or satellite dish." Takes around 10 minutes or so to complete.

Hope this helps and saves you some time and money as well. TC.

  TopCat® 22:44 04 Mar 2010

Forgot to add that when the tv screen goes blank after the software update has finished, press the 'Sky' button on your remote to get back to the programmes. TC.

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