Sky One treating it's customers. :-D

  User2008 18:39 05 Aug 2008

Stargate: Ark of Truth tonight at 8pm
Stargate: Continuum (not even released til the 18th on DVD and Sky paid for us to see it a week early) Showing next Tuesday at 8pm
Then followed by the next series of Atlantis starting the following Tuesday after that.

Woo Hoo!

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:45 05 Aug 2008

"Sky paid for us to see it a week early"

No, Sky's paying customers and advertisers paid for it.

  MAJ 23:36 05 Aug 2008

I cancelled my Sky subscription last month. I could no longer stand the adverts or the repeats. Six or seven minutes into a program the ads start, 40 minute programs are placed in a 60 minute slot to allow for 20 minutes of ads, drove me crazy.......... just as you get interested in a documentary, it breaks to run LV insurance or that bloody Churchill dog. As for the repeats, I could play a number of parts (without rehearsal) in programs like Friends, Scrubs, MASH, etc. Free at last................

  interzone55 11:02 06 Aug 2008

The Friends Network (formally E4 and E4+1) is available on Freeview, so canceling your Sky subscription is no guarantee that you'll be able to avoid it...

  User2008 11:21 06 Aug 2008

I took my Sky sub on, on top of already having Virgin in as I prefer Sky's service.

I pay £30 for Virgin BB, med Phone and XL TV and £21 to Sky. To me it's well worth the money. Virgin TV is now up stairs and Sky in the living room.

alan14 I do not watch any channels belonging to 4 as their broadcasting standards are the worst and they pretty much scrape the barrel.

  interzone55 12:30 06 Aug 2008

Channel 4 news is very good, and I'm hooked on Come Dine With Me on More 4. Film 4 has some good films on as well.

You really shouldn't judge a whole channel based on Big Brother.

What I can't understand is why Sky have some many adverts when you have to pay to receive the channels in the first place...

  User2008 17:55 06 Aug 2008

Why? It's the amount of money they pour into Premier League and such. They actually made a loss this year see click here

  g0nvs 19:19 06 Aug 2008

I got rid of my telly 3 years ago, saved a fortune & I don't even miss it.

  NORFOLK SPARKY 20:10 06 Aug 2008

Record the program and fast forward through the adverts, or if you have a pvr set that to record start watching 20 mins late and fast forward the adverts. Finishing the program at the normal time

  dagbladet 20:17 06 Aug 2008

"I got rid of my telly.....saved a fortune"

How did you save a fortune?

  interzone55 20:20 06 Aug 2008

At least three years of no licence fee for a start I would think. That's the best part of £400. Then if g0nvs previously had Sky or cable that's at least £20 a month saved as well...

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