Sky to Buy o2

  Pine Man 12:35 01 Mar 2013

Now that did come as a surprise!

Interesting to see that o2 broadband users will be migrated to Sky fibre.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:42 01 Mar 2013

Yes which means my supplier,Be, also. This is not good news but there again it could have been worse it could have been Talk Talk that bought us.

I have just had an email from Be informing me of the sale but I have been unable to get onto Be's website to read the details provided in a link from Be.Perhaps they have been overwhelmed by people trying to find out details of how we will be affected or if we will be affected.

  Pine Man 12:53 01 Mar 2013

I also use an o2 mobile for which I get discounted broadband:-(

  Chronos the 2nd 13:09 01 Mar 2013

Oddly I was with O2 once but everything about it was terrible,the service itself,customer service was also horrendous.Moved to Be and have never had a problem except on the one occasion I needed to get in touch with there customer service and as usual it is an Asian with a difficult accent to understand and was rapidly getting nowhere. I later discovered that if you say you wish to complain you get through to a UK call centre. I sorted the problem myself and have never contacted customer service again.

  Pine Man 13:20 01 Mar 2013

'Asian with a difficult accent'

When I first joined o2 the call centre was in Geordie Land, which was a bit difficult to understand. The last time I called it was in Glasgow - now that WAS difficult!

Just been reading about Sky and particularly their landline phones. I have an o2 evenings and weekends package, which doesn't exist with Sky. It's either weekends or 24/7!

  GaT7 13:21 01 Mar 2013

O2 link about the change with added FAQs:

Bethere blog where one can add comments:

Couple of related posts at the O2 Forums:

Going by some of the comments, I think I'll be leaving O2 broadband when my present contract expires in June this year & joining BT, who I already have a landline phone with. I'll still continue with mobile (PAYG only) on O2/Sky & see how that goes. G

  Quickbeam 13:27 01 Mar 2013

This will make for some aggressive competition with Virgin who only do third party mobile and TV services.

Will it be for the better?

  Pine Man 13:29 01 Mar 2013

I am not sure what status a contract with o2 has after the change to Sky and on some of the media forums some people are threatening to move elsewhere immediately the change takes effect.

I will certainly stay with Sky and see what happens.

With o2 fibre wasn't an option but I will certainly be able to have it with Sky (if I want it).

  LastChip 14:19 01 Mar 2013

I too use o2 and have been very happy with their service.

My first reaction was one of shock, but I guess it's only sensible to wait and see what Sky offers and the sort of service they provide.

Certainly their media reported track record of complaints is not awe inspiring, but hopefully, that's in the past.

The trouble with all companies, is you only ever hear about the complaints. I've no doubt there are many thousands of people that are perfectly happy with their service.

  Chronos the 2nd 14:23 01 Mar 2013

Cannot find a comment on Be that is in favour of this sale to SKY. As for fibre one guy was saying his Sky fibre speeds are slower than his old Be basic speed.

One thing that is not in doubt is Skys appalling customer service record. Time to look for another provider methinks.

  Woolwell 14:32 01 Mar 2013

When mobile phones were bricks (around 1991) I got one from Cellnet at that time owned by BT. This then became O2 in 2001. O2 was quite good but I left because almost all my contacts were on Orange and it cost me to ring them. Now BT are in competition with Sky having bought ESPN.

I still have my original mobile number having ported it.

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