Sky 10 years on

  Graham. 22:22 04 Oct 2006

I have had Sky since it first came out. It has occurred to me that the Digibox and Remote Control design were spot on, right from the start.

I'm still using that same set-up. The only function I would add would be a Back button, essential when 'flipping' between channels.

  hijo 22:27 04 Oct 2006

hiya one thing with SKY is there packages have changed very much havent they,ive just moved back to the uk some 10 months ago after living abroad for a few yrs & we had it back then but the prices & there packages a silly....however i wouldnt be without it so they got me there...!!!!!

  Graham. 23:22 04 Oct 2006

Another useful function would be 'Add to Favourites' option when viewing a channel.

  Graham. 10:49 05 Oct 2006


  Colin 12:55 05 Oct 2006

I agree regarding the back button. Before I went digital, the analogue remote control had a button that would select the previous channel, but it's not on the digtal remote control. It was very useful.

Using teletext on Sky is abysmal. The terrestial version is much quicker, albeit without decent graphics. Having said that, BBCi is quicker than Sky One, Sky Sports etc, but both are so slow that I don't bother.

  Colin 12:56 05 Oct 2006

Also, should your thread read Sky 15 years on? I think it came out in 1989. I've had it since 1994.

  Graham. 13:05 05 Oct 2006

You could be right. Found this
click here

  Colin 13:22 05 Oct 2006

My maths is poor - I meant 17 years on!

  Cymro. 13:56 05 Oct 2006

I suppose it is a case of if it ain't broke don`t fix it.

  QuizMan 20:26 06 Oct 2006

Since the early 90's mainly for their sports coverage. They make all the others look second rate. Also just got Sky broadband, but not convinced about that yet.

I think I'm on my 4th digibox.

  Forum Editor 21:16 06 Oct 2006

is the way it just works, without my having to fiddle with anything. I turn it on, select my channel, and watch TV - not fuss, no hassle.

My Sky box is slightly on the blink, but that's down to a wonky motherboard component, and I have learnt how to nurse it along. I'll buy another one when I can be bothered.

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