'Skint week' or smoking ban..?

  DANZIG 03:27 13 Jan 2008

Been for a few ales tonight after finishing work. Couldn't help noticing that the pub was DEAD. It's normally really busy on a Saturday night but maybe the fact that it was hammering it down, cold and we have to go outside in the inclement conditions for a cig might have knackered it up.

I pity the oub trade in the winter now.

Thanks to our 'elected representatives'.

  laurie53 07:34 13 Jan 2008

Well unelect them!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:03 13 Jan 2008

Have you ever considered that with personnal debt in the UK of more than £1.75 trillion, job insecurity, beer in supermarkets at 75p/pint, sky & cable sports TV and rising living costs might have a little to do with it?


  Quickbeam 08:05 13 Jan 2008

It happens every January into February, Christmas is over and people are now realising the true cost of that piece of plastic.

Don't use it, it makes the next 6 months miserable. If you can't afford it, don't buy it.

I stopped using plastic for Christmas 6 years ago for that reason... I don't owe a ha'penny and I'm happy!

I don't deny that the smoking ban has added to to New Year slump though, it has.

  newman35 08:33 13 Jan 2008

"Thanks to our 'elected representatives'."

Why is it their fault that most people have probably 'over-indulged' over Xmas, and are now reaping the cost?
I can blame politicians for a lot of things, but not one's own spending/lifestyle habits.

Perhaps they are all being good fathers and playing with their kids new toys (when they've been put to bed??

  CatTrading 08:53 13 Jan 2008

Going to a pub now is much more enjoyable since the smoking ban came in to place.
At my local you now get a lot more couples & groups going to the pub.
The fact that smoking kills many thousands a year it is the only way to stop others being effected by passive smoking. If you dont like going outside to smoke then give it up! I did!!

  birdface 10:59 13 Jan 2008

Smoking kills so many thousands a year.Are you trying to say that drink doesn't Probably more folk die with drink related deaths than smoking.So why not a ban on drinking.Going in to the pub is nice now.Not where I go half the customers have gone, they may come back in the good weather or they may not.I don't smoke and have no problem with those that do.Whatever happened to freedom of choice.

  Quickbeam 11:15 13 Jan 2008

At one time pubs consisted of several small rooms, one of which was the smoke room. A return to smoke and smoke free areas may have been a better stepping stone to the inevitable complete ban.

I was speaking to a Dubliner last week on this (they've had the ban for 4 years now), he reckons that the trade is only just recovering from the shock of an overnight ban.

But where independent Landlords saw fit to provide smoke free areas, they got abused by smokers who invaded the smoke free area on busy nights with the "well it's too crowded in the rest of the pub, so we'll have to come in here as well", attitude.

That kind of selfish attitude got them the complete overnight ban... They wanted jam as well.

  Bingalau 11:33 13 Jan 2008

I used to be manager of a large pub in Liverpool. At one time I asked the brewery if I could change one of the four bar areas into a "No Smoking Room". They just laughed and thought I was having a joke. They said it would never happen because the government needed the revenue from tobacco products. How times change.
I also went to the RNA Club last night and found it only had about half the usual number of customers. But as has already been pointed out this is a seasonal thing, it happens every year after Christmas and New Year. People are skint. The money spent behind pub counters averages out over the year. I think pubs probably actually lose money over Christmas because they have to take on extra staff. Then during the aftermath the staff are just twiddling their thumbs and being paid to do so. I would like to point out that they would rather be busy.

  Forum Editor 11:42 13 Jan 2008

are just that - people who are where they are because we voted for them. In addition to which, a huge majority of your fellow citizens are in favour of a ban on smoking in public places.

  Stuartli 12:59 13 Jan 2008

My local paper has a regular Real Ale column.

This week the contributor (a non-smoker) stated that the smoking ban had spoiled much of his pleasure in visiting pubs.

His reason?

Because he had found, over the years, that people who enjoyed a smoke whilst drinking were "generally far more interesting to talk to....".

The comment surprised me too, but as a drinker and smoker I'm bound to agree with him...:-)

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