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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:49 25 May 2018

Anyone else have problems with PCA cookie policy popping up everytime you change page?

Clicking got it doesn't stop it and manage preferences is the same even if you switch off everything in there and no you can't have access to my data and usage.

244 vendors to switch off no wonder the site is slow sometimes.

Come on PCA sort it out ;0)

  Gordon Freeman 11:29 06 Jun 2018

Using either Firefox or Edge I don't get the google privacy reminder, and both are set to clear cookies on exit.

Interestingly, on Firefox I changed some setting this morning in 'privacy' about allowing 'my location' [sick of seeing 'BBC wants to use your location' pop-up on BBC homepage every time I open it], so blocked it.

Came to TA site, and lo & behold I no longer get the damned 'we use cookies...' banner across the bottom of the screen.


NB: On Firefox I also use 'I don't care about cookies' add-in.

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