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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:49 25 May 2018

Anyone else have problems with PCA cookie policy popping up everytime you change page?

Clicking got it doesn't stop it and manage preferences is the same even if you switch off everything in there and no you can't have access to my data and usage.

244 vendors to switch off no wonder the site is slow sometimes.

Come on PCA sort it out ;0)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:16 25 May 2018

Stopped it by using Adblock

  john bunyan 22:16 25 May 2018

The site is like treacle - very slow to load

  HondaMan 23:20 25 May 2018

Pain in the a**e!

Once on a site should be enough

  onthelimit1 09:44 26 May 2018

No probs here on Chrome with Adblock

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:09 26 May 2018

Been OK since I used Adblock to block the pop up but its a ridiculous way to ave to do it.

  alanrwood 10:30 26 May 2018

This has to have been unintentional. Maybe it will be sorted when they come back from the long weekend. Yes it is an absolute PITA and will make me reluctant to visit several times a day as I currently do.

  bumpkin 10:47 26 May 2018

I am curious as to why there are such varied experiences. I clicked "got it" the first time it appeared and never saw it again.

  Forum Editor 11:08 26 May 2018

"I clicked "got it" the first time it appeared and never saw it again."

Ditto to that.

  bremner 11:37 26 May 2018

Still happening every time on move between pages on iPad on Safari but ok on Chrome.

  Gordon Freeman 12:07 26 May 2018

"no you can't have access to my data and usage". "244 vendors to switch off". Agreed, very annoying as it pops up every time you come to the site and the 244 vendors need switching off again. Really?

These 2 below must be the biggest joke of 2018:

This site uses cookies to:

*Provide you with the best possible experience, & Show you content & ads that are relevant to you*

Thank goodness for ad blockers! Bad job TA team.

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