Site speed

  rdave13 19:04 06 Sep 2013

What a pleasure to use this site today. Pages load and refresh fast and considering it's a Friday it looks as Towers have nailed the gremlins. I had to check my internet speed in case my ISP had upgraded me without my knowing (I wish). Great work. IE10 with no ad-blocker.

  morddwyd 19:22 06 Sep 2013

Wish I could say the same.

No matter where I go on the site I get the "Update your profile" screen.

It's a devil trying to work around it.

  Quiller. 19:42 06 Sep 2013

Same here as


  rdave13 19:50 06 Sep 2013

Works better on IE for me rather than Firefox.

  Quiller. 20:03 06 Sep 2013

Just took 2 minutes to load this page with IE10 tried firefox and chrome and got


and this

  rdave13 20:08 06 Sep 2013

BSOD, that's a puzzle to me. PCA hasn't been this fast for me for a while. I use IE 10 but also Spywareblaster. That might make a difference? No longer get the long running script issue.

  rdave13 20:11 06 Sep 2013

Should have added that for a while I got email notifications for posts replies but that now has stopped again.

  spuds 20:14 06 Sep 2013

I have been on and off the site most of the day. At times it seems to be running rather slow with 'waiting for pca advisor' or 'server overload' with error email message sent to webmaster.

The last picture from BSOD, was similar to what I was getting the other day, a couple of times. That was with Google Chrome, which I find the best browser for this website!.

  Quiller. 20:15 06 Sep 2013


Also use spyware blaster.

  Jwbjnwolf 23:22 06 Sep 2013

When I'm on my mac, (with chrome), I'm hardly ever noticing any slowness, but on my iPhone (what I'm on 90% the time of being online), it is painfully slow on loading.

  bremner 09:58 07 Sep 2013


To use this site successfully on an iPad or iPhone you have to turn Javascript off.

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