onthelimit1 13:39 22 May 2011

I'm sorry FE, but the continual slowdowns in loading pages is making the site unusable. It's a pity, as there are lots of knowlegeable people out there who want to help, but they (like me) will be reluctant because everything is SO SLOW.

  Colonel Graham 23:55 22 May 2011

I'm happy

  lotvic 01:02 23 May 2011

FE "The page loading problems are not directly related to the site design - they may be caused by problems on the server cluster, local internet switching and routing issues, or a combination of all those things."

Thank you for explaining, I didn't know that could be the cause of our intermittent 'slow pages' problems.

  Chegs ®™ 02:55 23 May 2011

I have occasional "Please Wait" for several minutes after hitting post response button,but as I open a new tab for each thread,I can leave it for quite some time before trying a refresh of the page before hitting post response again which works 99% of the time.

I still haven't managed to post a response using my mobile,every time I compose a response then hit post response I get logged out or sent to the forum choices page & my response disappears.

  morddwyd 08:37 23 May 2011

"we're not in a position to have staff standing by on a 24/7 basis"

"we know about it almost before you do"


  spuds 09:45 23 May 2011


I could be completely wrong-Perhaps logged events and also error messages notifying the webmaster, that there are problems ahead?.

Bit like the problem that I am having with my ISP and BT. They know about it, but apparently can do very little about it?.

  gengiscant 10:05 23 May 2011

The new PCA format is a mess, there are slow downs virtually every day and the same excuses are rolled out time and time again. Like all other sites have problems., this may well be so but not with the frequency of PCA. I use Custom PC,another magazine website and I have never known it to have problems, oh and thats free as well. Also it does not seem to have the intrusive averts so beloved by PCA.

For a computer magazine I afraid that this website/forum leaves a lot to be desired and even with hundreds of complaints little seems to improve. We have had the 'new registrations are up' but what about the regulars that do not spend as much time here as they used to because of the poor functionality of the site. There expertise is undoubtedly being put to good use elsewhere to the detriment of PCAdvisor. Time I think to get things sorted or throw in the towel with the website and perhaps improve the magazine, which is long overdue.

  Bingalau 10:08 23 May 2011

I'm happy too, if I have trouble with slowness I put it down to my own computer and get on with something else until later. Some of you lot need to get out more. Go for a long walk to clear your heads of all the fog in there. Is the slowness of this site worth all the worrying you seem to be doing?

  SimpleSimon1 10:54 23 May 2011


It was a Sunday...all sorts of techie things happen on the Web on a Sunday, backups get taken, disks get changed out, software upgrades happen. It's the day of choice for most techies (myself included) to do anything which might impact on users. I know that 9 times out of 10 my ISP connection will slowdown and/or show glitches on a Sunday, I know that various web sites will sometimes be unreachable or slow down. I even know that my wife will shout at me cos I've taken do the home network to do something and she wants to go on-line shopping.

However, like a bad dream, it's [almost] always back to normal on a Monday morning. To paraphrase from a movie..when dealing with IT, brown stuff happens!

  Colin 12:42 23 May 2011

I have always been a supporter of this site bit after using it in its new format I am really frustrated. It's12:35 and a new post of mine has been waiting over 5 minutes with the Please Wait … showing at the bottom of the post. It has a link in it, (great way to insert links I don't think), so maybe that has something to do with it. I appreciate that the forums are free but I don’t know of any that aren’t. I’ve just signed up to Custom PC’s forum as used by Gengiscant, (post above at 10:05 today, and will see how they compare. I will persevere with the PCA forums as I do like them overall but feel that the new format is a retrograde step.

  wee eddie 12:48 23 May 2011

I remember reading an article, in PCA, many years ago, regarding the constituents of good site design and what one should look for in a Host.

Although my memory may be faulty on the exact details, I think that the Management should re-read the item and address those parts of it that are relevant to this site.

I think that part of the problems may lie in that the Designers are using, modern equipment, in areas that have Internet speeds that exceed 512MBps, whereas we, the Hoi polloi, are stuck in the boondocks, many miles from anywhere, with ancient PCs and snail like connection speeds.

It would make sense to send the Geeks out into the country and make them familiar with living in such surroundings.

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