onthelimit1 13:39 22 May 2011

I'm sorry FE, but the continual slowdowns in loading pages is making the site unusable. It's a pity, as there are lots of knowlegeable people out there who want to help, but they (like me) will be reluctant because everything is SO SLOW.

  lotvic 13:49 22 May 2011

Totally agree, but thought maybe some tweaking was going on that might be causing it to be so slow. Will come back later.

  lotvic 13:50 22 May 2011

Totally agree, but thought maybe some tweaking was going on that might be causing it to be so slow. Will come back later.

  Nontek 14:14 22 May 2011

I too agree - been very slow all day! One only has to look at the last post times to realise we three are not alone! Pity we can't put the clock back :-(

  onthelimit1 14:44 22 May 2011

It's a shame, as I was quite active on the old system, but now, I'd rather watch paint dry.

  Housten 15:34 22 May 2011

I agree> The time being taken to load a Forum page is excessive. I have given up at least once today, but may well leave a couple of days before re-trying. One of the things that annoys me about using IE9 is that there are no bars to show you if anything is happening, exacerbating the problem as to whether - or not - something is being loaded!

  Quiller. 15:37 22 May 2011

Have been trying to post a reply since 2.45 pm

all others are still " please wait"

Pretty good for a top notch computer site!!!

  johndrew 15:45 22 May 2011

The assurances given about the 'tweaking' of the site to improve the many shortcomings seem to have little basis given the reaction time being experienced today. It really is not functional compared to others and the 'old' version - which did fail occasionally; but not consistently. Every action from gaining access to viewing to posting takes forever.

  rickf 16:14 22 May 2011

Just managed to get through. It's been just crawling and still does. I wish this site had never been redesigned. Ever since there's been glitches.

  Brumas 17:33 22 May 2011

I must be lucky, I have just come on and the page loaded p.d.q. having said that, there has been times when I could have gone and made a cuppa in the time it took, but not Today :o}

  BT 17:33 22 May 2011

Impossibly slow at the moment, 5pm. Taking up to about a minute for each Forum or topic that I click on to load up.

Now at 5.30 it seems a bit better. Tried 3 times to post the above and gave up after Watching'Please wait...' for over 5 mins each time.

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