Site problems again!

  Flak999 16:40 11 May 2014

Is anybody else experiencing the truly dreadful connection and response times from this site lately? It seems to start off OK in the mornings and then grinds to a halt by mid afternoon!

It's like surfing through treacle at the moment.

  lotvic 13:05 12 May 2014

Flak, brilliant. :)

  mbc 13:17 12 May 2014

Super fast now

  Flak999 15:20 12 May 2014

Glad you all liked it! :-))

  bumpkin 16:52 12 May 2014

Very funny and must have taken a lot of effort to get the timing right.

  john bunyan 16:57 12 May 2014


Made me laugh. I am sure FE will have a laugh as well!!

  Flak999 17:12 12 May 2014


I'd like to take the credit for being an adept video editor, but I can't! You can get a template of this clip on the web and just add your own dialogue, where you think appropriate.

Then you just upload it to YouTube.

  Forum Editor 17:51 12 May 2014


Don't hide your light under a bushel. It's a clever idea, and I've sent the link to some people who will boost the view numbers if they can.

  Flak999 18:04 12 May 2014

Forum Editor

Thanks! I appreciate it. :-)

  namtas 20:00 12 May 2014

I can tolerate adds but I most certainly object, free site or not, to having a full page advert for something named "SuraSavings" coming up and blanking the whole page. I have to ask do they not have a template for advertisers at the Ivory Towers or if they do does anyone check what is going out and how it is presented. It appears that this advert has just come on and the likely cause of the hopeless access tonight.

  carver 20:04 12 May 2014

namtas sorry think you posted on wrong discussion, this is the Flack999 Bafta award and appreciation site,

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