Site problems again!

  Flak999 16:40 11 May 2014

Is anybody else experiencing the truly dreadful connection and response times from this site lately? It seems to start off OK in the mornings and then grinds to a halt by mid afternoon!

It's like surfing through treacle at the moment.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:47 11 May 2014

Flying along on chrome at the moment.

  john bunyan 16:53 11 May 2014

Yes, very erratic. Poor 30 mins ago, a bit better now.

  Flak999 17:05 11 May 2014

Yes, very erratic! It is better now though, site went through this some time ago and was fixed, but it has been very temperamental over the last few days.

  wee eddie 17:30 11 May 2014

Having many difficulties posting on the Mobile Site

  amonra 19:15 11 May 2014

Am I on a dial-up server ?

  morddwyd 19:19 11 May 2014

"A bit of luck and it may be ok by tomorrow."

Not entirely impressed with a computer mag with an IT department relying on luck!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:24 11 May 2014

Slowed to a crawl now!

  bumpkin 19:38 11 May 2014

"Slowed to a crawl now!"

Not like a bat out of hell at the moment then.

  Brumas 22:36 11 May 2014

Friday night was a chore rather than a pleasure!

  Flak999 23:27 11 May 2014

It's awful at the moment! No comment from the Führerhauptquartier so I guess that means we PBI soldier on regardless!

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