Sir Patrick Moore. R.I.P.

  Blackhat 13:08 09 Dec 2012

news link

An inspiration to many, including me.

Quite a character.

  Aitchbee 17:18 10 Dec 2012

When I was very young (about eight) and gazed up at the night winter's clear sky full of sparkling little lights [the stars], I used to think they were 'pin-holes' in a veil of blackness ... like when you hold up a tea-biscuit to the light and observe the points of light emanating from the 'beyond' ... before it's dunked into your tea or coffee.

  BT 17:27 10 Dec 2012

"The universe is pretty simple on one level"

Just can't get my head around the idea of it going on forever. Surely there must be a boundary somewhere and if so what's on the other side?

  Aitchbee 20:58 18 Dec 2012

I know it's silly, but when I pick up and read one of his astronomical books ... I hear his voice at every word and sentence. Heavens above!

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