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Sir Michael Caine on the Oscars

  HondaMan 09:31 23 Jan 2016

Michael Caine Couldn't agree more

  morddwyd 12:02 23 Jan 2016

'You can't vote for an actor just because he's black'

Why not?

You can have a woman on a shortlist just because she's a woman.

  bumpkin 12:11 23 Jan 2016

Hear,hear! Misty

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:01 23 Jan 2016

Aren't they all Actors?

Ok we have Best Actress - is that accommodating women?

therefore it seems we must have Best Black Actor (Actress), Best Disabled Actor / (Actress) to accommodate the minority groups - where does it all stop.

Drop the Best actor /actress completely replace with Best leading Role -

Best Supporting Role(which they already have.

  caccy 17:21 23 Jan 2016

Perhaps none of the films they were in were not good enough or their acting was not good enough. I have a very old friend who does some of the screening/nominating for the OSCAS ( No financial reward). If he does not like a film within 15 minutes of watching it it then it goes no further as far as he is concerned. He certainly is not racist.

  HondaMan 19:36 23 Jan 2016

morddwyd exactly the point. It's discrimination in one form or another. Unless there are very exceptional reasons why it should be a man or a woman, or should be black or white then it should be the best person for there job irrespective.

  bumpkin 20:51 23 Jan 2016

It's discrimination in one form or another

No it is not it is about picking who qualifies, if whites don't qualify they will not be selected.

  bumpkin 21:04 23 Jan 2016

Fruitbat you are clearly a racist, no mention of a Chinese dwarf.

  Aitchbee 21:26 23 Jan 2016

Why is there no 'Best Girl' in the end credits of films?

  Matt. 22:01 23 Jan 2016

Why is there no 'Best Girl' in the end credits of films?

  They call them dolly grips
  Aitchbee 22:24 23 Jan 2016

Thanks Matt, that explains it.

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