Sir Linford?

  bstb3 15:22 19 Jun 2008

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Linford Christie believes institutional racism has prevented him (and other prominent atheletes from ethnic minorities) getting the recognition they deserve.

Do you believe this is the case, or has his lack of knighthood and snub for carrying the olympic torch in London got more to do with the fact he tarnished his career through taking performance enhancing drugs (which he denies)?

He points out he is the only British sprinter to have won Olympic Gold. I would like to point out that Britain has a 100% record in its 100M gold medallists being banned for cheating also.

On a lighter note, it is good to see other british sprinters following his example, isn't that so Mr Chambers?

  Proclaimer 15:37 19 Jun 2008

in the 1980 Olympic Games (Moscow), Alan Wells won a gold medal in the 100m becoming the oldest-ever winner of the 100m in doing so.
Maybe His story... has something to do with his claim.

  day2strike 16:03 19 Jun 2008

Nothing to do with this then?
"Christie was banned by the British Olympic Association in 1999 after he failed a routine drugs test".

  iambeavis 16:14 19 Jun 2008

He appears to be quite a bitter fellow. Even at the height of his fame and glory he seemed to be carrying rather a large "Chip" around with him.

  jakimo 16:30 19 Jun 2008

From the very earliest days when he was becoming recognised,his comments always suggested that he had a chip on his shoulder.

However up until the drug testing issue I had always admired him as an athelete,but Sir Lindford NEVER.

  bremner 17:20 19 Jun 2008

A drug taking cheat who tarnished his sport who should have his gold medal taken from him.

  Legolas 18:19 19 Jun 2008

It does seem a bit strange that Linford Christie can blame his lack of recognition on racism, he appears to have had a memory black out and as has been said I would imagine his non-recognition is down to the fact he was caught cheating rather than because he is black.

  laurie53 21:15 19 Jun 2008

As in so many walks of life, it's not the cheating that makes him persona non grata, but the getting caught.

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