Sir Fred gets a new job

  Al94 23:28 15 Jan 2010

Amazing - but true! click here

  Forum Editor 23:38 15 Jan 2010

once you understand the context.

Fred Goodwin is very well known in South East Asia, and his reputation there remains largely untarnished. He'll be able to open doors for his new employers, and that's precisely why they've engaged him. I suspect that his contract payments are going to be almost entirely based, so if he doesn't deliver he'll not be paid.

  rdave13 01:27 16 Jan 2010

Different to us mere mortals of the lowely working class.
Pushed out of a job nowadays and you're one of the unemployed that can't get a job.
Fred the dubious will be ok as he's above the 'rest of us'.
Bah! Humbug...

  Forum Editor 08:26 16 Jan 2010

I can understand your cynicism, but consider this. A commercial organisation is free to employ anyone it likes, as long as there's no legal barrier, and RMJM has presumably retained the services of Fred Goodwin because the partners believe he can make a positive contribution to their business.You don't get to be the world's fifth largest architectural business by being stupid.

It has nothing whatever to do with anyone being 'above the rest of us'. Your comment about 'us mere mortals of the lowely(sic) working class' reeks of you having a massive chip on your shoulder, and certainly doesn't help make your point.

  Pine Man 08:46 16 Jan 2010

Good luck to him.

  Al94 09:52 16 Jan 2010

Widely reported to be on a salary of £100K per annum according to an insider at RMJM plus bonuses - a lot less that what he's used to but along with his pension I'm sure he'll get by. Not convinced it's good for RMJM's credibility though. Andy Hornsby didn't last long in his new job.

  Forum Editor 10:30 16 Jan 2010

Any links to the source of the 'widely reported' information about salary?

  Al94 10:51 16 Jan 2010

Scottish paper The Herald has it click here click here others say he is being paid the same as other advisers.

  Forum Editor 11:05 16 Jan 2010

"It is believed Sir Fred will earn more than £100,000-a-year at RMJM." in a newspaper article is a little different to your "widely reported to be on a salary of £100K per annum according to an insider at RMJM".

I haven't seen any other reports about Sir Fred's salary, although I'm sure it will be a substantial one.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:49 16 Jan 2010

If I were him, I would be praying that the salary is not performance related ;-))


  rdave13 11:49 16 Jan 2010

I suppose I do have a 'massive chip on my shoulder' but that's the way I feel about this.
As for Pine Man wishing him luck, I wish the 20,000 or so people, who lost their jobs, the very same good luck.

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