Seth Haniel 10:51 04 Aug 2008

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up to scratch report.... ;)

  €dstowe 11:10 04 Aug 2008

I have a continuing battle with fleas on the dog. Living in a rural area, as I do, these things are particularly common and I am often getting bitten when they seem to jump off the dog on to me. They never seem to bite above knee height though.

Insects that seem to be becoming very common are bed bugs. Two hotels I've stayed in over the past year have had these things.

  tullie 11:22 04 Aug 2008

Notice most infestatios are down south!!

  crosstrainer 11:25 04 Aug 2008

Jack Russells are treated with a "One drop" fluid remedy once a month, and seem to remain fairly "Flea free" They are short coated which helps, and whilst dog fleas will bite humans, they cannot live on us.

My dogs are in and out of the river and into all sorts of horrors at times, chasing rabbits etc. But fleas don't seem to be a major problem.

I suspect that a longer coated dog would suffer more.

  spuds 13:34 04 Aug 2008

I can never recall my dogs having fleas (perhaps that because of the garlic they have!), and we are always cautious about ticks, when we take the dogs for a walk in the long grass.

  Seth Haniel 13:51 04 Aug 2008

Maybe your dog isn't musical as I was taught - All Dog Have Fleas


  Chegs ®™ 15:12 04 Aug 2008

Many years ago I recall we had severe problems with fleas on the cat/dogs.I remember suffering much itching as the fleas seemed to adore munching lumps out of my legs.I dont know when these "one drop" flea treatments arrived but their effectiveness is awesome,the pet doesnt even notice they've been treated whereas in times past it was a family operation to catch the pet,hold it down and spray with aerosol.

We have a very funny family story about a tick.The whole family had been off fell-walking and on our return home it was discovered that the dog had acquired a "growth" under its chin.My father discovered it was a tick and was told of various "treatments" for it,which included soaking the area in paraffin and "freezing" the tick by spraying with lighter gas.Then a neighbour watching suggested burning the tick with a cigarette but as nobody in the family smoked cigarettes,father went to get his lighter(we were in the garden)Fortunately for the dog(who was now soaked in highly flammable substances)my mother insisted my father left well alone and she would take the dog to the vets that evening.While my mother was waiting at the vets,the tick dropped off and she collected it up in a tissue to show the vet who confirmed it was a tick,treated the dogs chin with some anti-septic and laughed when my mother recounted the earlier proceedings with the various flammable substances.

  crosstrainer 16:25 04 Aug 2008

Could have been a "Hot Dog" :)

  amonra 19:07 04 Aug 2008

Reminds me of the old gag,
How do you make a cat bark ?
Pour petrol over it and light a match... WOOFF !!!

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