Singapore Grand Prix

  peter99co 20:44 26 Sep 2008

Lewis seems to have found the new circuit challenging, but admitted he was amazed by the venue.

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  laurie53 07:51 27 Sep 2008

What are you on about?

This weekend's GP is the Japanese one! lol

  version8 10:14 27 Sep 2008

Yet another great idea from Bernie Eccelstone & The F1 Circus.

  Grey Goo 10:23 27 Sep 2008

Not very Environmentally friendly though.

  Forum Editor 11:11 27 Sep 2008

One might ask "what are you on about?"

This week's race is in Singapore. The Japanese Grand Prix is on 12th October.

  rdave13 11:27 27 Sep 2008

As it's a 'street race' hope it's not going to be a procession.

  Quickbeam 12:53 27 Sep 2008

blindfold the drivers and let the sat-nav guide them around...

  Forum Editor 13:48 27 Sep 2008

of racing on what I think are the cleanest streets in the world.

Stage the same event in London, or some of our other major cities and you would have to spend a week picking up left-over McDonalds meals and sundry items of trash that empty-headed fools sling from their cars and buses at every opportunity.

  Grey Goo 14:34 27 Sep 2008

I was on the Singapore Underground some years ago, not a speck of dirt or litter to be seen. Mind you, it's a spell in Changhi if they see you drop litter, this may well contribute to the pristine condition.

  Grey Goo 14:35 27 Sep 2008

Meant Changi .

  Forum Editor 15:21 27 Sep 2008

Singaporeans grow up knowing that they'll be punished quite severely for what we, in this country have come to accept as trivial offences. I go there to work fairly often, and have been doing so for a long time; I've come to like Singapore and its people immensely, but the government's human rights record is a disgrace.

I would rather live in a free country with dirty streets than live on a clean street in a place where I could be detained indefinitely without any charge being brought against me.

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