Sin Emergence Episode One

  Totally-braindead 14:30 13 Jun 2006

Just in case anyone is considering buying the game, I thought I'd post and point out its very, very short. I suppose I should have read the reviews or even realised when I saw it was only £20.
What they have decided to do is split the game into episodes rather than have one full game with say 8 levels, you buy the game and get one level.
It was ok I suppose but the game wasn't that brilliant to begin with really, not a patch on Half Life 2 or FEAR or any of the newer first person shooters. And extremely dissapointing to me at least as I completed the entire thing in about 3-4 hours.
It also has the Steam account update thing which if I had realised it had I wouldn't have bought in the first place. It does mention it on the packaging to be honest. For those that haven't seen Steam it basically means you have to setup an internet account and its a very big download, especially if you are on dial up.

  gudgulf 19:48 13 Jun 2006

I agree that SiN Emergence was a short "episode" but I enjoyed it.Took me more like 5 hours on and off as I took time to explore everywhere I could in the levels.

As for £20....well I bought it over STEAM for $15 which works out at half the uk cd version price,even if you include the $3 tax added.

Oh and bought over STEAM you get the full,original SiN 1 game thrown in for free........Ive only just started that one.

  citadel 16:46 14 Jun 2006

I am staging a one man protest by not buying any short pc games. I have been playing oblivion for weeks and have got value for money.

  Totally-braindead 19:31 14 Jun 2006

citadel I think I'll join you.
I must admit though in many ways its my fault. I usually read reviews and quite often download the demo first but in this case I didn't. If I had read the reviews to be honest with you, and knew how short it was I wouldn't have bought it.

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