The Silly Season?

  realist 11:29 20 Jun 2007

Inanity No One:
The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (the what??) has blocked re-runs of the "Go to work on an egg" advert on the grounds it might discourage a balanced diet. So, we can longer be trusted to work out how many eggs is good/bad for us!

Inanity No Two:
The govt has now provided a website where you can estimate in minute detail your personal "carbon footprint". On the same day it is revealed that China is opening two coal-fired power stations each week!

  Belatucadrus 11:47 20 Jun 2007

click here You are engaged in activities counter to the dictates of the food police.
You vill start to eat a balanced variety of government approved products immediately. Ziss is an order unt must be obeyed !!!

Why the Germanisation ? Not the usual Sun style xenophobia, this time prompted by Wolfgang Ischinger a man who claims that the only way to stop global warming is for the government to cede all power to Brussels click here Why do I have problems believing the EU, an organisation only slightly less profligate than the UN can solve anything ?

  Jim Thing 11:53 20 Jun 2007

Those who wee
In the sea
Should be aware
That Tony Blair
Or Gordon Broon
Will, one day soon,
Ban it
To save the planet.

  picklsey 12:10 20 Jun 2007

you really must get a grip,are you trying to say you are the only one that doesn,t know we are all to stupid and can,t be trusted to eat and drink properly,or for that matter what we want to stop complaining and ask nanny state before you do anything.

  egapup 12:46 20 Jun 2007

You couldn't make it up. Do you think we're in the declining days of civilisation???

  robgf 13:34 20 Jun 2007

I remember the "Go to work on an egg" adverts. They were dangerous, wives were force feeding their husbands with eggs every morning and men were dropping like flies, it was horrific. rofl

Silly season seems to last all year round nowadays. It's the result of putting all the non-productive people on committees twenty years ago, we thought they couldn't do any harm there.......

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:51 20 Jun 2007

'The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (the what??) has blocked re-runs of the "Go to work on an egg" advert on the grounds it might discourage a balanced diet.'....and they allow adverts for Kentucky Fried and MacDonalds? Could someone explain to me why this bunch of half-wits should not be sacked especially as I have just heard some sanctimonious rep from then on Jeremy Vine. The woman was totally deluded and lacking in any common sense.


  Forum Editor 15:08 20 Jun 2007

were written by Fay Weldon when she was working for an advertising agency. She says she was really proud of the ads, and thinks that it's a shame we're not to be allowed to see them again.

She's right, it is a shame, but it's for our own good. None of us can be trusted to make our own decisions about what is or isn't an appropriate diet, and who knows? Thousands of us might be tempted to start eating boiled eggs for breakfast, instead of a lightly boiled Yakult and a slice of organic Brazilian whatsit seed bread.

Stop the world, I want to get off.

  Monoux 16:05 20 Jun 2007

If I went to work on an egg would that reduce my Carbon footprint ?

  anskyber 16:27 20 Jun 2007

Words fail me. What an incomprehensibly stupid decision. Eggs for breakfast for me.

  lisa02 16:35 20 Jun 2007

Makes sense to me.

Stay off the eggs unless they're in a Double Sausage Muffin.

The greasy sausage burger thingy cancels out the harm that the egg will do..

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