Silly annoying things

  DANZIG 23:58 22 Mar 2010

Is there anything out there that annoys you, gets your goat etc, that you know shouldn't, but it does.

Maybe, in a way, its annoying that it actually annoys you!

Mine is people who have fog lights for no reason. They don't blind you, they're pretty unobtrusive but it really 'raises my hackles'.

Just wondered if I was actually going mad.

  jakimo 03:22 23 Mar 2010

People who quote statistics from obscure publications in order to prove their point,knowing full well that there is always another set of statistics equally valid disproving their point...

But try and get them to acknowledge the existence of the alternative stats just falls on deaf ears.

  mole44 06:00 23 Mar 2010

don`t get me going but a few are. not returning call/poor customer service/people who insist to half park on pavements/or completely on the said pavements,i could go on but my blood pressure says i`ll refrain.right rant over,back to normal.

  wolfie3000 07:28 23 Mar 2010

Man i have a few,

1, Toolbars that come with software, usually google toolbar.

2, getting smoke in my eye when smoking.

3, Food that's served to hot in restaurants.

4, Windows updates that keep reminding me to restart my pc every ten minutes.

5, Smack talk in online games (usually kids).

6, Peter Jackson, (Will he ever make the Halo film?)

7, having to use water filters because we live in a hard water area.

8, Kerrang radio playing pop songs instead of decent metal bands.

9, The fact i use "I guess" way to much when chatting online, am i that illiterate?

10, nearly completing a dungeon raid with my guild only to have the server close down for maintainance just before we complete it,

happened a few days back, spent over an hour raiding a dungeon with my guild, got to the last boss and the server closed down with no warning,
Lost the quest and had to restart the raid all over again when the server came back online.

  morddwyd 07:33 23 Mar 2010

People who are totally surprised when the green comes on after the red and amber, and then take ages sorting out first gear and moving off.

  Mike D 07:49 23 Mar 2010

People who are surprised that they have pay once the supermarket checkout person has finished scanning their shopping; the rest of the queue then have to wait while they rummage for purse or wallet, cannot remember their PIN and then remember that they need cah back.

  Pine Man 07:49 23 Mar 2010

Women who get to the till in a shop without, apparently, realising that they have to pay and then take ages trying to find their purse in a bottomless handbag.

  BT 07:51 23 Mar 2010

People who park their supermarket trollies at the end of the aisles blocking the transverse freezer cabinets etc. then wander off and come back with their arms full of goods.
I had a woman get well snotty with me last week when I shoved her trolley out of the way so that I could get at a cabinet. I saw her later park her trolley then walk 3/4 way down an aisle to get something, walk all the way back, then push her trolley down the same aisle. 3 trips when one would have done.
On another occasion I saw a woman park her trolley and walk down the Drinks aisle and pick uo a large case of beer and struggle back to her trolley, then do the same thing again. Why didn't she make it easy for herself and take the trolley with her?

  Quickbeam 08:57 23 Mar 2010

I get the impression that annoyances 11-10,000 wouldn't take you long to jot down;)

  DANZIG 08:59 23 Mar 2010

Saturday Kitchen on Saturday mornings on BBC1.

  Awshum 09:03 23 Mar 2010

"2, getting smoke in my eye when smoking."

made me laugh.

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