Signing credit card transactions

  SG Atlantis® 17:54 08 May 2006

What's the deal here, some shops don't have the chip reader gadgets installed.

I thought chip and pin was compulsory?

  wee eddie 18:16 08 May 2006

However the trader, not using Chip & Pin, is not as well protected against fraud.

If he gets it wrong - tough.

  SG Atlantis® 18:24 08 May 2006

I see.

Well it's a national chain, 100's of stores, I am talking about. They must think they can afford not to have it.

How much would it cost to roll out these gadgets?

  ade.h 18:33 08 May 2006

I had to sign in Maplin today, which surprised me. I gather that the only effect of the big 14th Feb hoo-hah was that traders who have C&P cannot accept signatures (unless their tills crash of course!)

  Forum Editor 18:59 08 May 2006

although it's in all our interests to use PINs instead of signing card transaction slips.

Not all transitions work perfectly however, and this is a case in point. Shell UK have suspended all chip and PIN transactions in their wholly-owned petrol stations, pending the resolution of an enquiry into an organised fraud that has been discovered in one area of the country. It seems that the card readers themselves may have been less than secure in this case, although details are (understandably) sketchy.

  SG Atlantis® 19:06 08 May 2006

In the shops then if the shop accepts a signature that's fradulent, they don't get the funds? They lose out?

The cost of these machines must be prohibitive for some companies. Or the directors are just tight!

  Kev.Ifty 22:29 08 May 2006


click here

  €dstowe 06:22 09 May 2006

Perhaps, if it is as you say, Maplin don't accept Chip & Pin because they don't trust all of this electronic gubbins.

  spuds 10:08 09 May 2006

Even though the card authorities are stating that the chip & pin is a massive success, there are still some retailers (even well known outlets) who are not convinced that is the case. There are a number of outlets that are still using signatures for sales purposes. Simple example in the local pet store, due to terminal connection failure. All customers were signing for goods, and the owner was not a happy bunny (sorry for the pun), due to his new contract for using credit cards. Chip & Pin was the order of the day, and nothing else, the clearing house was not going to accept any responsibilities for signature sales.

Considering that at least half his sales are credit/ debit card transactions, more so higher value products, what can he do, if the problem is not of his making. Like he states more often, the way things are going, he may need to consider selling up, so making himself, his family and nine staff redundant.

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