Sight Problems

  morddwyd 16:43 23 Nov 2009

I've just been diagnosed with macular degeneration, probably wet but further tests needed.

Researched the medical/optical side fairly well online of course, but would appreciate input from any body who is already living with this - restrictions, progress, quality of life etc.

  BT 17:31 23 Nov 2009

Sorry to hear that.
I know what its like to have failing sight, having had Cataracts in both eyes that weren't done until I was effectively blind in that eye, though fortunately not both at the same time.

  jakimo 17:42 23 Nov 2009

Dc Chris Steele a doctor that regualy appears on TV claims the condition is treatable,the link will bring up a video....

click here

  Brumas 18:01 23 Nov 2009

Sorry to hear old pal, at least now you will have a cast iron reason for your usual abysmal performance on a Friday night ;o)

To any person who thinks I am being harsh and callous, I'm sure morddwyd and any other ex-servicemen will appreciate the 'humour'.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:19 23 Nov 2009

Sorry to hear of your problem, I believe it is a treatable problem just hope you have the right "postcode".

  lotvic 18:47 23 Nov 2009

There is a bit that can be done, one relative had treatment at and website has lots of info on types of treatments and an operation for AMD that refocuses the eye to an undamaged part at back of eye.

Also Consultant from there corrected neices (very rare) condition that meant she was blind by age 2, she is now 21 and has normal eyesight (had double lens grafts done when age 3) Consultant also runs a NHS clinic at Leeds Hospital

  Forum Editor 18:56 23 Nov 2009

there are available treatments; there's no medical treatment for the dry type hoswever, which is actually the most common type.

My father had 'dry' degeneration, and he used a magnifying glass to read, and to use the phone buttons. Otherwise he could get around fairly normally, and he learned to use his peripheral vision to a far greater extent. He felt that although his sight wasn't all that he would have hoped, it wasn't as bad as he had anticipated when first diagnosed.

  morddwyd 20:52 23 Nov 2009

"your usual abysmal performance on a Friday night "

Damn cheek.

I refer the honourable (?) gentleman to No 223, less than one month ago!

  Brumas 22:43 23 Nov 2009

You still bite then....... ;o)

  I am Spartacus 00:29 24 Nov 2009

I suffered a retinal occlusion last year which has similar symptoms to the 'wet' macular degeneration mentioned by FE.

I had an injection of Avastin which is currently experimental for this problem but I believe is also used for treating macular degeneration.

I don't know the terminology but my 'waterlogged' eye dried out to some extent and improved my vision from 6/30 to 6/9+. In theory the injection may need repeating at quarterly intervals but in practice mine is still OK after 10 months.

Unfortunately I have other medical problems but I can say from my point of view it's a massive improvement on my quality of life in that I can use a PC for limited amounts of time and read.

I was told that the sooner you get it diagnosed and treated the better and for this reason I saw a private consultant.

My eyesight fluctuated quite a bit over a relatively short period so I waited until it stabilised before getting new glasses.

  jack 09:13 24 Nov 2009

For me I am told - last retinography- in May-
Type2 diabetic- so it happens to a lot of us-
One of the the joys of extended life- My father did not have as far as can be ascertained - Prostate Cancer or - eye degeneration- as I have because in all likelihood-They' were not looking for them 25/30 years ago, so he passed on without the the kknowledge of what it was that caused it.

Perhaps we too could return to the days of happy ignorance - -If it cant be treated - why scare us - simple palliative care until day comes as it will for all of us.

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