Sight Problems (3)

  morddwyd 06:40 22 Mar 2010

Remember my sight problems?

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Well, wish me luck because today’s the day.

I start my treatment of having a needle stuck in my eyeball every four weeks for the rest of my life!

Five months almost to the day since my optician first found the problem, but better late than never, when you consider the alternative.

You may also recall my annoyance at having an appointment cancelled, which nobody bothered to tell me about?

Well, I wrote to the Patients’ Complaints Department, who said it was not their problem, and passed me on to the ambulance service.

The ambulance service said it was not their problem and referred me back to the hospital, and suggesting I use another form of transport, which I must say I found a rather unusual take on patient care!

Since this was full circle, with all responsible parties opting out, I wrote, as I said I would, to the Health Secretary, who also happens to be the Deputy First Minister (and one of the more able politicians at Holyrood), since I guessed that she would not be inclined to say it was not her problem.

Yesterday I had a phone call from the Complaints Dept., who had obviously been spoken to, and it seems they were right!

Until I highlighted this, it appears there were no clear guidelines as to whose responsibility it was.

I am assured there are now procedures in place, so hopefully some good has come from my inconvenience.

  crosstrainer 06:51 22 Mar 2010

This is so common, all chasing each others backsides. When my DVT was diagnosed, the GP called an ambulance. After 2 hours it had not arrived. I contacted the surgery who repeated the call to the ambulance service. 2 more hours....Nothing. In the end, my next door neighbour drove me to the hospital.

I too wrote a stiff letter of complaint, and 2 years down the line have had no response at all.

May I wish you all the best for your treatment, I have to admit that the prospect of "Needle" and "Eyeball" in the same sentence has rather put me off the idea of breakfast :))

Hope it all goes well.


  BT 08:22 22 Mar 2010

Good Luck with your appointment.

Having had Cataract surgery on both eyes I assure you its not as bad as it sounds and I'm sure you will feel nothing. The anaesthetic drops they use are very effective.

I had an appointment last Saturday for a check after they found some anomolies in my Diabetic photos. Didn't feel a thing when they poked around. I had an OCT(Optical Coherence Tomography) Retinal scan and everything was OK. Only down side was due to pupil dilation and bright sunlight it was difficult to see when I came out, and everything was blurred for several hours .
I suggest you take a good pair of sungalsses with you.

  sunnystaines 09:49 22 Mar 2010

just as well you are not in india read this

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  ella33 21:09 25 Mar 2010

sunnystaines there should be a health warning attached to click on that link!

Good Luck Morddwyd. I hope it all goes well.Also there is an end to the travel problem that you had before.

  peter99co 21:44 25 Mar 2010

A program over the weekend described a chap who managed to see UV light after his op. He could see the Black Light at the Supermarket Checkout.
They think Monet could see UV light after his cataract op.

I think it was Richard Hammonds program about Invisible things.

  morddwyd 08:20 26 Mar 2010


For future reference for anyone else, the actual procedure takes less than five minutes, but quite a lot of preparation - four or five lots of eye drops etc.

Hardly feel a thing during the injection, but the eye is quite sore once the anaesthetic wears off.

This lasted for the rest of the day, but all discomfort had disappeared by the next day.

They are now using a taxi service to get me to and from as the ambulance transport service can't cope.

Two eighty mile round trips can't be cheap, and it's questionable if this is the best use of NHS funding.

However, I'm very grateful for the care I'm getting.

  Kevscar1 09:29 26 Mar 2010

Good luck. Just the thought of a needle in the eyeball makes me glad I have my problem not yours. Never thought I'd be saying that.

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