Sight Problems (2) - Update

  morddwyd 10:14 27 Feb 2010

Remember how my appointment was cancelled and no-one bothered to tell me?

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I had a response from the Patient Complaints Department saying that this was nothing to do with them, and they had passed my complaint to the ambulance service.

I have now heard back from the ambulance service, saying that it is nothing to do with them and it was up to the hospital to tell me my appointment had been cancelled (you may recall that the hospital had already told me it was up to the ambulance service).

They also suggested I found alternative means of transport, which was helpful!

We now have the situation where the hospital says it is not their problem, the ambulance service say it is not their problem, and the patient care department says it is not their problem!

It is now in the hands, or at least the in tray, of the Cabinet Secretary.

Hopefully she will not say it is not her problem, and the buck will stop with her.

  peter99co 15:53 27 Feb 2010

I bet you feel like a cog in a wheel?

I would send copies of all the replies to all the depts so they can see how stupid it all is. They obviously do not communitcate with each other very well.

  birdface 19:49 27 Feb 2010

If it was a hospital appointment and they canceled it without letting you know.
I would imagine it would be their problem.
They should have notified you.
No use telling the ambulance service without informing you.

  morddwyd 08:17 28 Feb 2010

It was the ambulance service that cancelled it, as they didn't have any vehicles available.

They told the hospital. I would have thought the logical thing to do would be to tell me as well, but I don't really care as long as somebody tells me.

It's not the fact that it was cancelled that bothers me, resources are finite, but the fact that because no-one had the responsibility of lifting the phone I wasted a whole day waiting in, and my wife had to be put to bed at 11.00am.

  birdface 09:59 28 Feb 2010

I have had a few problems with my hospital as well.
I had my jag and was on the operating table waiting for the operation and it was canceled because the tools they needed to use had not been steralized.
Went back 2 month ago and was next on the list for an operation when it was canceled as they had booked me into the wrong operating theater.
Went back in for the operation and was waiting to go into the operating theater and was told the operating table was broken and they had to make one up.
So had part of my operation done but they could not finish it as it was the wrong table that they were using.
So just waiting to go back in again.

  peter99co 12:00 28 Feb 2010

Are you able to name the hospital so we can avoid it?

  anchor 13:58 28 Feb 2010

Was it this one we have read about recently?.

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  ol blueeyes 14:13 28 Feb 2010


Lucky fellow you are got a jag eh ?

but seriously I can give you the name of an Excellent hospital which unfortunately due to re-organisation is either going be Downgraded or Closed. So they can build a super duper 4.5 million pound Hospital elsewhere it is Frenchay Hospital in Bristol.
During the last 3 days of my wife's life they gave her excellent care and devotion. They gave her one to one nursing (the nurse was brilliant) and her Consultant was apart from being good was a Gentleman.

But then as we all know there is good and bad in everything.

  birdface 14:38 28 Feb 2010

I will not mention it by name but a couple of years ago it was quoted to be the worst in the UK.
It is now supposed to be one of the best or the one with the biggest improvement.
But to me I am just sick of the site of it.

  birdface 14:55 28 Feb 2010

Nope.This ones in northants.

ol blueeyes.

If it was not for terrific care shown by the nurses I do not think think that I would go back.

Sorry morddwyd for Hijacking your thread.
Got a bit carried away with my own probems.

  ol blueeyes 10:34 01 Mar 2010

Sorry got the figures wrong it should have £450.00 Million

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