Sight Problems (2)

  morddwyd 22:01 03 Feb 2010

Remember my sight problems?

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Following further tests I did not have the condition which was at first suspected, and my 21 December appointment was postponed until 2 February.

Because eye drops mean I can't drive, and eighty miles by taxi is a bit prohibitive the hospital arranged transport for me.

For an afternoon appointment this means you have to be ready from 12.00 noon. Some of you may remember that I am a carer, so having got my wife up, washed and breakfasted she went back to bed, where she has to stay whenever I am away for more than an hour or so.

Twenty minutes before my appointment time I phoned the hospital to say that I didn't think I would make my appointment, since the transport had not yet arrived.

"Oh, weren't you told? The transport can't come for you. You'll have to make another appointment."

So here we are, three months after I first saw a health professional with failing sight, not one iota of actual treatment, still waiting for an appointment just for diagnosis, and my sight is still slowly getting worse.

Oh, and as I was given an appointment, which I did not keep, I do not, of course, appear on any waiting list.

Record spending on the NHS there may be, but how much of it is getting through to patients?

  Brumas 22:23 03 Feb 2010

It seems like one hand doesn't know what t'other is doing but that doesn't excuse the 'cop out' answer "Oh, weren't you told? The transport can't come for you. You'll have to make another appointment."
Basically that person didn't give a s**t and it saddens me that this is happening all too regularly nowadays.

What happened to 'duty of care' ?

  ella33 13:13 08 Feb 2010

This is a shocking thing to happen. So sorry to hear you have had to put up with this, morddwyd

Can you ask your doctor to write a letter explaining your situation and what has just happened? I think the hospital, too, will be shocked to know that you were not kept informed and need an appointment quickly. Best wishes for this

  sunnystaines 14:06 08 Feb 2010

complain and ask if they could refund the cost of a taxi for you.

  peter99co 19:33 08 Feb 2010

It may be an idea to email some of the Blind Institutions such as the RNIB and see if they can give you some advice.

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  peter99co 19:38 08 Feb 2010

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Maybe the Eye clinic liason officer is the one you need to pin down.

  morddwyd 20:41 08 Feb 2010

Thanks for the responses.

I made a formal written complaint to the NHS Trust concerned, as yet I have not even had the courtesy of an automated/pre-printed acknowledgment.

Next step is Nicola Sturgeon - health is devolved and she is Deputy First Minister, and Cabinet Secretary for Health, she is also one of the ablest politicians at Holyrood.

One of the biggest advantages of devolution (some would say the only one, I could not possibly comment!) is that Government is much more accessible and the direct and personal approach is quicker and more efficient .

My new appointment is tomorrow - I'll post an update.

  birdface 09:02 09 Feb 2010

Most Hospitals have a PALS department where you can make complaints.
My daughter complained about the long wait that i was having to have an operation and within a month I had a date and time to go for my operation.
I can sympathize with you regarding treatment if they had done my operation correctly the first time I would not have needed to go back.
So up till now I have been back 4 times already and waiting to go back for a 5th or maybe even 6th time.
They certainly know how to throw taxpayers money away.

Rant over and this may help.

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it is the PALS bit you would need.

  spuds 19:55 09 Feb 2010

Agree with buteman on their suggestion. If the hospital as PALS or something very similar, then give them a try. I had a minor problem with our local hospital and health trust last year, or should I say poor administration procedure. Within 2 hours of contacting our local PALS, I had a response from the clinic involved, and all was resolved.

  morddwyd 07:10 10 Feb 2010

Had my appointment, condition seems to have stabilised but they still don't know what it is, so another appointment in 4 weeks.

So far as my complaint is concerned, as I've already invoked the formal local trust complaints procedure I'll work my way through that first.

To be be fair to the hospital, the problem was with the ambulance service not them, and it was the ambulance service who were supposed to phone me.

The service does seem to be in crisis - yesterday they were one hour late getting me to my appointment, and having had it I had to wait three hours for transport home.

As I had to be ready from noon, and didn't get home until gone seven, that's 7 hours for a fifteen minute appointment!

However, now I've had my moan I'll mark this resolved - I know there are others with much worse problems!

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