Sick, sad pathetic people.

  spikeychris 17:44 13 Dec 2004
  Valvegrid 18:27 13 Dec 2004

Why sign up for breaking news, commentary, sports coverage, and the latest weather, when we've got this:

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  Forum Editor 18:34 13 Dec 2004

that I'm feeling particularly dense at the moment - I'm in Brussells, it's a tad nippy, and I have a mass of work ahead of me. My brain may be working slowly so forgive me, but where does "Sick, sad pathetic people" fit in?

Thats what i thought...

Mind you here in margate it is cold so i could be on a go slow...

  spikeychris 18:58 13 Dec 2004

Sorry the page should display the first time you read it, then a subscription is needed. Its a Google alert I have set up and sometimes it throws a ringer. The page says this.....

Shooting on the Internet isn't remotely like hunting

By Bob Hood

Star-Telegram Staff Writer

The idea of using the Internet to kill animals under the guise of hunting for sport is, to put it bluntly, sickening.

But that's what a Texas man says might be a new way for people to "hunt" from their office or home -- by simply clicking the mouse on a computer to pull the trigger on a specially-built rifle and video camera system.

Appalling to you? It should be whether you are are a hunter or not. Hunting is not just killing an animal. Hunting is also about being in the outdoors and enjoying the atmosphere of the hunt with friends.

Hunting is hunting, shooting is shooting, and there is a difference that should never be forgotten.

News reports attribute the idea of shooting an animal via the Internet to a San Antonio man, who reportedly came up with the idea after watching a virtual hunting Web site where Internet viewers could "bag" game animals with a camera. One news report stated that Lockwood spent $20,000 to build a motorized platform that is capable of aiming and firing a rifle with the use of a computer.

By connecting to a Web site, a person can plink targets with a .22 rifle at a cost of about $14.95 for a membership and an additional $5.95 to fire 10 shots. The report said the man wants to expand the idea by setting up hunting rifles connected to video cameras at water holes and wildlife feeders on his small ranch near Rocksprings and allow someone to shoot an animal.

Supposedly, a ranch hand would be watching the scene from the "hunting blind" housing the camera and rifle where he would be able to override the shot if he saw the computer-aimed rifle was about to fire at a wrong target. The so-called guide also would be responsible for retrieving the downed animal, seeing that it was processed and shipping the meat and/or trophy head to the cyberspace shooter.

The idea has generated outrage from conservation organizations such as the Safari Club International and National Wild Turkey Federation, and from anti-hunting organizations. Gray Thornton, executive director of the Dallas Safari Club, said, "Internet hunting is really a sick idea."

I hope we'll see new legislation making it illegal to use any means of shooting an animal without the hunter being at the location where the animal was shot.

Shooting an animal from a computer isn't hunting and it shouldn't be allowed.

  spikeychris 19:16 13 Dec 2004

Works for me if I dump my cookies then reload.......reload might not actually be a good word.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:29 13 Dec 2004

Rednecks in the American deep south sink to a new low.

  S5W 19:54 13 Dec 2004

What on earth do you expect. The internet is just a new weapon in the human armoury, previously we had rocks then spears; somebody invented gunpowder and so we 'progress'.In a few years we shall probably be able to annihilate one another via some electromagnetic discrete transmission, if so there will be members of the species who will use it. If you wish to get yourself into perspective study modern cosmology. You and I really dont matter; nor do the animals round the water hole. It's all a big joke.

  Dorsai 20:04 13 Dec 2004

If i ever went hunting the only shots i would make would be with a camera.

It would seem to take the whole point out of the 'hunting' excecize. IE the tracking, keeping quiet, comraderi, male bonding, and following the pray without being detected.

You might as well walk into a field full of cows with a shot gun, put a blind fold on, and start blasting at random. No skill involved at all.

Shooting fish in a barrel.

  spikeychris 20:25 13 Dec 2004

Personally I don't think there is any skill in creeping up on a defenceless animal and blowing its brains out with a gun. Skill would be stalking it on your own and fighting it with your bare hands, if you win - eat it and all is well. Modern Cosmology is all well and good but in the great scheme of things a person (sort of) will be sat in his office taking pot shots at defenceless animals. "What on earth do you expect" Well I expect this to be knocked on the head...pronto.

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