Shuttle take off

  Confab 11:08 05 Apr 2010

Space shuttle launching shortly morning shortly. You can watch live at click here

  Confab 11:16 05 Apr 2010

Should have said Space shuttle launching shortly this morning :-)

  Monoux 12:31 05 Apr 2010

fourm member -- Quote "Well done. Another positive contribution." Unquote

  Legolas 13:18 05 Apr 2010

Why don't you both meet up for a pint, you will probably get on great. ;))

  Quickbeam 13:20 05 Apr 2010

The above shows how much we now take things for granted.

Another train has just just departed from Euston... is space travel now no more interesting than that?

  Monoux 14:17 05 Apr 2010

fourm member - you're never shy of posting what you think and lambasting anyone who disagrees with your entrenched views so if you really want to save people the trouble of trying to find coverage didn't you just say that instad of a cryptic comment that apparently only those with some sense could interpret.

  Monoux 14:19 05 Apr 2010

Legolas -- Sorry I'm very fussy who I drink with

  ronalddonald 14:55 05 Apr 2010

the shuttle find the star-ship enterprise and were they beamed up.....wait for next weeks episode....of the shuttle that took of on Easter Monday where no man has gone before, well they did last year

  ronalddonald 17:37 05 Apr 2010

click here

must keep the aliens life forms happy

  Monoux 18:47 05 Apr 2010

fourm member -- At least I'm up front and say it like it is and not try and hide it with cryptic comments to try and make yourself look clever.

I think you should have a good look at your postings and ask yourself why a large number of them end up in arguments and who the common denominator is.

As for "gratuitous rudeness" reap as ye sow.

And a tip from my old dad " never bet on anything unless you are sure of the outcome.

  morddwyd 19:49 05 Apr 2010

"a cryptic comment that apparently only those with some sense could interpret."

Too cryptic for me I'm afraid; I've obviously got no sense!

I just thought that fourm member had missed it (and so had I).

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