Shuttle Launch Tonight

  Confab 14:03 29 Apr 2011

This is my first post since the new site went live (fantastic improvement by the way) so excuse any dodgy links. If anyone is interested then the space shuttle is due to launch tonight. You can see it live here Nasa

There is also a bit about the launch on the BBC website here BBC

The launch is due to take place at 20:47 BST


  OTT_B 15:48 29 Apr 2011

Will be tuning into this. NASA TV, streamed online, does some extremely good and sometimes very technical coverage. Looking forward to it!

  Forum Editor 16:25 29 Apr 2011

"This is my first post since the new site went live"

Then allow me to congratulate you on your grasp of the new link system - it's given some others quite a headache.

  Aitchbee 17:37 29 Apr 2011

Thanks Confab for that info - will try to tune in. HB

  bremner 17:49 29 Apr 2011

Postponed for at least 48 hours Launch Delay

  Confab 21:52 29 Apr 2011

I’m a bit disappointed that the launch didn’t take place tonight but will keep my fingers crossed for a safe launch on Monday. Anyone have any idea what time 2.33pm EDT is? Is it 9.33am BST?

FE – Thank you for the kind words. I’m one of those members that doesn’t post so much now but visits this site quite (well very, as in almost every day)often. After reading some of the other members posts it took literally a few minutes to grasp how to successfully post one myself. I haven't managed to work out the Horizontal Rule yet but I'm sure that I will in time!

My only one, and very incey wincey, criticism is that there doesn’t appear to be as many posts to a forum page as there used to be so that they fall off the edge of the page earlier than they would have in the past. It would be nice to see more posts to a single page.

Other than this the layout of the new site is quite superb. It must have taken you guys at PCA a lot of work to achieve the result that you have.

Keep up the great work!


  redsparrow 01:25 30 Apr 2011

2.33pm EDT is 7.33pm BST

  bremner 19:20 01 May 2011

NASA have not put the launch back to no earlier than 8th May

  bremner 16:51 03 May 2011

Latest from NASA - The earliest Endeavour could be launched is Tuesday 10 May.

  Confab 12:13 16 May 2011

Due to launch just before 2pm today

You can watch it in HD here NASA HD

I hope all goes well

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