showers or baths?

  rickf 11:00 19 Oct 2013

With increasing awareness of the rising costs of energy do you use the shower or bath? I tend to shower most of the time now to save on energy use. Also how long do you stay in the shower? If you stayed for 20mins or more you might as well use the bath as the shower becomes more expensive than the former. I reckon the average shower is 10 mins. Just a bit of interesting survey.

  Pine Man 11:23 19 Oct 2013

A long hot soak in a (shared!) bath every evening. To hell with the cost of the energy and the, doubtful, effects on climate change.

Showers, IMHO, are only things I use on holiday.

  wee eddie 11:33 19 Oct 2013

I use the Bath and enjoy every moment of it, which is lucky as the Bathroom is built into the House's eaves and there is insufficient height to stand in there.

No possibility of building a Shower Unit!

  martd7 11:47 19 Oct 2013

bath everytime,long hot soak does wonders for stress Dont have a shower in my house,if i did i would probably only use it in summer

  fourm member 12:06 19 Oct 2013

I shower. I may have about 5 baths a year if I want the placebo effect of a long soak after I'm been busy in the garden or the like.

I had a look at some of the surveys on shower use because I wondered about that 10 minutes average.

It turns out not to be that far wrong. Surveys seem to suggest the average is just under nine minutes.

What struck me is that the assumption (or even the data where surveys monitor water flow) is that the shower is running for the whole of that time.

I couldn't find anyone saying turn off the water (which I do) while you soap as a way of saving energy.

  rickf 12:12 19 Oct 2013

Interesting responses. I now take a showers during the week and soak in the bath once every 2wks. As some have suggested, like them, I'll use the bath for a soak periodically but will never just have a shower alone in the house as the bath will be greatly missed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:45 19 Oct 2013

10 minutes average. tell my daughter that, she seems to be in there for at least half hour every morning.

Considered removing the bath and just having a large shower when I re decorated and replumbed the bathroom. In the end put a new bath back in.

Grandson is only one that uses the bath, rest of us shower, although I will have a bath when working away and stopping in hotels.

  rickf 13:56 19 Oct 2013

I have guests staying with me at the moment. They are distant cousins and I find it impossible to tell them not to stay in the shower for more than 10/15 mins. They seem to use it for 20mins plus which I find rather irritating. No awareness at all that I am paying for their usage. This will be the last time they stay with me. Next time I'll make my excuses so I sympathise with Fruitbat's dilemma.

  [DELETED] 14:34 19 Oct 2013

At my age, the shower. If I sat down in the bath I wouldn't be able to get up. Also, hair wash under the shower about once a week, otherwise, just a quick shower, say 4-5 minutes...well, you did ask...

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:08 19 Oct 2013

Fire hose here, quick, efficient and enough pressure to remove nits and ticks.

  tullie 16:14 19 Oct 2013

I havent had a bath for about 40 years.

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