Should we re-introduce stocks?

  oresome 19:01 01 Aug 2018

Perhaps it would be a fitting punishment foe these teenagers who pelted a disabled woman with flour and eggs.


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  lotvic 19:24 01 Aug 2018

Yes, that would seem to be fair, a public shaming.

  Quickbeam 21:44 01 Aug 2018

Oh yes.

  canarieslover 22:19 01 Aug 2018

I'm all for it but I doubt that it will get any support from whatever government is in. Victims aren't as important as wrongdoers it seems.

  Brumas 22:53 01 Aug 2018

Why should they be allowed to sit down? Bring back the pillory!

  Quickbeam 01:07 02 Aug 2018

You just want to pillory them yourself...

  Cymro. 12:17 02 Aug 2018

Well at least no has come up with the suggestion that they hang them and flog them still early days I suppose

  bumpkin 14:04 02 Aug 2018

Probably staged anyway.

  wee eddie 15:23 02 Aug 2018

It looks fake to me

  john bunyan 18:01 02 Aug 2018

Is it me or was the last post incomprehensible? Old hags? What is this issue to do with the government?

  Forum Editor 18:12 02 Aug 2018

Archie44 "You voted for this government now deal with the consquences"

Care to enlighten us all?

As john bunyan has said, this has absolutely nothing to do with the government. Young people acquire (or should acquire) a set of moral standards from their parents, not from the government.

Loutish parents = loutish children = more loutish children, and so on. It's not the government's job to teach people how to function as responsible members of society.

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