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Should we abolish the NHS free for all

  bumpkin 23:20 29 Jun 2017

Appaling as that may sound I am begining to wonder, pumping more and more money into it seems not to be working. It seems to me like anything with huge funding will be taken advantage of. In this case by contractors, suppliers and visitors from abroad to name but a few.

I wonder what members here would think of something like the American system.

  Forum Editor 22:30 30 Jun 2017

"why is nothing done by those that can do it to prevent the current abuse"

How do you know that nothing is being done?

  Aitchbee 18:56 01 Jul 2017

Everybody should donate a few bob [to the NHS] after a good healing outcome!

  OTT_B 20:30 01 Jul 2017

The population is increasing and getting older. It makes sense that the NHS will require more funding over the coming years. But since funding always appears to come after it's needed the system will always appear to be at breaking point (or at least you could take that spin, anyway).

I don't really believe that the US system of payment at point of care is practical at this point in the UK. The NHS is too developed (a staggering 1,500,000 employees and about the same revenue as General Motors), and integrated into UK life now.

I like the NHS the way it is, but it will inevitably have to change over time to meet the needs of the population. The best thing we can all do to keep it affordable is to lead the healthiest lifestyles that we can.

  bumpkin 20:34 01 Jul 2017

How do you know that nothing is being done?

I don't "know" but little appears to be according to my only source of information, the media.

  oresome 08:48 02 Jul 2017

Besides the ageing and growing population effect, we also have developments in medicine that make more treatments a price, coupled with increased expectations from patients who often lead unhealthy lifestyles.

Anyone with an animal will know how vet bills or pet insurance has risen over the years due to similar issues.

What we can't sustain with public sector workers in general is a situation where they enjoy much better working conditions, security, holidays, sick pay, pensions etc. than the rest of the working population that finance them as well as being better paid.

Conditions in the private sector have taken a turn for the worse in recent years and the pubic sector cannot be immune to these downward pressures.

  bumpkin 15:24 02 Jul 2017

oresome, don't even mention vet bills to me:-)

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