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Should we abolish the NHS free for all

  bumpkin 23:20 29 Jun 2017

Appaling as that may sound I am begining to wonder, pumping more and more money into it seems not to be working. It seems to me like anything with huge funding will be taken advantage of. In this case by contractors, suppliers and visitors from abroad to name but a few.

I wonder what members here would think of something like the American system.

  Menzie 00:02 30 Jun 2017

The issue is that unfortunately despite those that abuse it there are those that truly need it and it is good to have that there for them.

I have a relative who recently was in hospital in the US. He was in an excellent hospital and it was covered by his insurance. However had he not been insured the fee for this brilliant hospital would have been $5000 daily.

On one hand yes we insure our cars, homes and possessions. Insuring your health seems like a natural progression. On the other hand those on a really tight income but paying their taxes like everyone else deserves access to healthcare when they need it.

Here in Canada healthcare is mostly free, you have to pay for the ambulance (sent a bill after your treatment). However there are loads of loopholes and items not covered without additional insurance. This causes many families to struggle to keep a loved one alive and living a decent life.

  Quickbeam 05:30 30 Jun 2017

That's one of the reasons that Corbyn did so well in the election from.

Abolish it? NO! It's the envy of the world.

Like the EU, it has it's great problems, but we should stick with it and solve them because there isn't a Utopian panacea to be found in dumping it!

  Forum Editor 07:20 30 Jun 2017

Of course we shouldn't abolish the NHS. The health of the nation would suffer immeasurably if we did that.

  Govan1x 09:17 30 Jun 2017

Unfortunately with the open door policy we have for those moving to the Uk and using the NHS when needed leaves the NHS overstretched.

The government do not mind taking the tax from them but they do not like pouring money into the NHS to cover the excess burden.

Maybe after Brexit things may quieten down a bit who knows.

I know that some other countries pay for NHS treatment for their citizens but some refusing to pay or are not paying the proper amount.

  john bunyan 11:04 30 Jun 2017

The front line nurses and doctors should be properly paid. However there are too many NHS "fat cats" whose numbers and remuneration should be curbed. See

nhs fat cats

  Cymro. 11:42 30 Jun 2017

For some people such as those who have chronic lifelong illness the NHS is the only option. Insurance is for them not possible as no insurance company will insure against what they call a "preexisting condition". Yes the NHS has it's problems but all in all it is still the best in the world.

  oresome 11:46 30 Jun 2017

Unfortunately, public services are a political football with one party accused of squeezing the life out of them and another prepared to throw cash at them regardless of the outcome.

We deserve first class public services, but we should expect them to be run efficiently.

  john bunyan 13:01 30 Jun 2017

Now we have it, it must be fully supported. It is not , however, the best in the world . I have lived in Holland and Germany where theirs is better. Too long to explain here but have a look at the Dutch system via Google.

  Menzie 17:16 30 Jun 2017

If Britain were to rely on insurance coverage for hospital treatment then things like this would happen.

click here is a case that happened in Canada when a couple were on vacation in the States and their baby arrived early.

The insurance they had wouldn't cover the expenses and they were left with a whopping $90,000 bill.


  bumpkin 19:43 30 Jun 2017

Personally I would not like to see its demise. My point was why is nothing done by those that can do it to prevent the current abuse or are they party to it I wonder.

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