should they be charged with murder

  roger.roger 13:53 13 Mar 2019

or get off scott free?

"Sectarian tensions are rising in Northern Ireland — and not only because of Brexit and the possibility that the island of Ireland will once again be divided by a so-called "hard border."

The province is also on edge about whether former British paratroopers will face trial for the deaths of 14 unarmed protesters, who were shot 47 years ago in a massacre that became known as Bloody Sunday."

the decision will be made tomorrow

  Al94 14:30 13 Mar 2019

I believe they will be charged. Rightly so in my opinion, a complete break down of military discipline resulting in the deaths of innocent people. Even in a difficult unpredictable situation this should never have happened and the repercussions are still being felt. Shouldn't stop with the soldiers who actually pulled the trigger but also extend to their command structure.

  Al94 14:45 13 Mar 2019

I believe this is how it will ultimately play out if convictions are secured.

  Al94 11:53 14 Mar 2019

Soldier "F" to be prosecuted, two charges of murder and four of attempted murder The case for prosecution

  Forum Editor 15:48 14 Mar 2019

"should they be charged with murder"

If the Crown Prosecution Service is satisfied that there is sufficient evidence then yes, a murder charge is appropriate.

  Quickbeam 06:28 15 Mar 2019

I'm wary of whether justice can be properly delivered decades after the event as we see with Hillsborough.

There's also the issue of amnesties granted to terrorists in the name of peace by wiping past atrocities clear. Should this not work both ways?

And where's the government culpability in this? The government of the day that put young men into a position where they were obviously out of their depth. Can such a blame be foisted wholly onto the shoulders of a single young soldier when in the name of the government, a young 18 year old is trained by an elite regiment to kill people without too much thought because that is what there job entails?

Some things need to be moved on from. Too many of the problems in NI are based on dragging up ill feeling from decades previous.

  wee eddie 10:38 15 Mar 2019

This will turn on the definition of "Murder". There is little doubt that he was the killer

  Forum Editor 12:14 15 Mar 2019

The definition of murder is pretty clear - the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

  Quickbeam 12:23 15 Mar 2019

... Which is why I think it's not a simple call after decades of speculation in various TV examinations.

Can a trully neutral Jury be found?

  morddwyd 10:14 16 Mar 2019

I shall keep my counsel. However I am gratified that so many others were, like me, on the streets of Belfast and Londonderry in the early 70s and experienced the familiar feeling of that last cup of coffee lying in the pit of the stomach like a lump of cast iron.

Wasn't there something about walking a mile in a man's shoes?

  Aitchbee 10:39 16 Mar 2019

Some interesting historical photos of the British Army in Northern Ireland 1969-1979.

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