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Should she be allowed to return

  Al94 22:29 13 Feb 2019

IS schoolgirl

Under no circumstances in my opinion.

  Belatucadrus 23:27 13 Feb 2019

I concur, she abandoned civilisation for that death cult and seems to have no remorse or regret.

"I don't regret coming here."

In that case stay there and accept the consequences.

  Quickbeam 06:41 14 Feb 2019


  Quickbeam 06:48 14 Feb 2019

"she said she was nine months pregnant and wanted to come home for her baby."

"She said she'd had two other children who had both died."

From that we can deduce that she wants to use us as a free health care service because she's found out that the IS health care of two millennia ago isn't up to it for the 21st century.

But she's made her bed, now she must lie in it as with any male IS recruit that find that Blighty wasn't so bad after all.

  Forum Editor 08:13 14 Feb 2019

This woman is nineteen years old. She was fifteen when she made the decision to go to Syria, and I question the ability of a girl of fifteen to make informed, rational decisions like that.

It hasn't gone well for her since then, and now she's saying that she wants to come back 'for her baby'. Most women will at least understand her concern on that score, and I would normally say let's give her the chance to ensure that a rash decision at a very young age doesn't blight two lives, especially as one of them is that of an innocent child.

Except for one thing... she says she has no regrets about going to join the Islamic State group, in which case how are we to know that someone like that isn't going to work against us from the inside, once she has settled back into safety with her child?

  BT 09:03 14 Feb 2019

saying that she wants to come back 'for her baby'.

And there's the rub. I seem to recall seeing a little while ago that a large proportion of the births in a certain Hospital were to foreign mothers. Not people who were domiciled here but people who had come here purely for the 'Free' health care. Its time the NHS started recovering fees as they are entitled but rarely manage to.

I know this woman is 'British' but there's a principle involved.

  john bunyan 09:05 14 Feb 2019

If she only has uk nationality it is difficult to stop her..If dual nationality then no. She has shown no regret and was unfazed by seeing severed heads, she waited till ISIS was defeated and will pose a threat to our country, so where legally possible we should refuse entry to such folk

  rickf 09:20 14 Feb 2019

Short answer is no but this is difficult issue legally.

  alanrwood 10:06 14 Feb 2019

To me she renounced her UK citizenship when she went to support ISIS, a terrorist organisation. The fact that she says she still has no regrets confirms my feeling that she should be legally stripped of her UK citizenship and never allowed back.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:43 14 Feb 2019

Keep her out if we can, otherwise, arrest her on entry and deal with her as a terrorist.

  Quickbeam 16:13 14 Feb 2019

If she hasn't renounced her citizenship, an MP (can't remember the name) on the radio said that we can't legally block her from returning as we can't make someone stateless under UN law. If she has renounced her citizenship at some time, we can refuse entry.

But he did say that she would be subject to vigorous screening whilst in custody, could be liable to prosecution for belonging to an illegal organisation , be very restricted in who she can contact and have to explain who they are and why she contacted them and be liable to have to present herself to a police station several times a week for years.

In view of that she might prefer to stay where she is.

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