Should Scotland Find It's Gone For The Big Yes Tomorrow Morning...

  Quickbeam 12:05 18 Sep 2014

would we expect Gordon Brown to become the leader of the Scottish Labour Party?

And would he have a real chance of becoming Scotland's first PM?

And if so, would he steer an independent Scotland into a closer working relationship with the UK than Salmond would?

This ain't over by a long long way I think...

  Quickbeam 12:14 18 Sep 2014

I'm thinking that a Gordon Brown PM would use the Trident staying in Scotland card as a major bargaining chip to get the best working relationship with the UK for Scotland.

  BillSers 12:29 18 Sep 2014

Personally I think GB was the worst PM in my lifetime and it was his ilk that lost me a lot of money in the recession and pension. But in politics sometimes people get a second chance. It happened with Kofi Annan after ballsing up Rwanda and making amends with the Kenyan troubles. If he's learned from his mistakes good luck.

  spuds 12:34 18 Sep 2014

"And would he have a real chance of becoming Scotland's first PM?"

Surely, Scotland would have to become independent (Yes vote) for that title to be bestowed on anyone.

  Quickbeam 12:35 18 Sep 2014

I thought he was a crap British PM too, but I do think he would be good for both Scotland and the UK.

The realistic choice in their first election will be either an SNP or a Labour government.

  Quickbeam 12:36 18 Sep 2014

spuds, hence the word 'should', in the title.

  spuds 12:37 18 Sep 2014

Whoops - Should that have been a No vote?.

  Quickbeam 12:38 18 Sep 2014

...from what I gather both sides are preparing to make the best of either decision. They have no choice but to work with the result.

  wee eddie 13:55 18 Sep 2014

Should the Yes Campaign turn out to be the winner, then it will take a couple of years for the initial T's to be crossed and the I's dotted.

Then Scotland, like any other country, will be free to form alliances with anyone else that is interested. There will be a new Parliament in DisUnited Britain and Europe will have to consider how to relate to a new country on it's boundaries.

In my opinion, much of what has been said, in the run-up to the Vote, will turn out to be posturing, but not all of it. It will be up to Scotland to make it's own way.

I will be living there and living with whatever decision has been made. Exciting times.

  Forum Editor 14:00 18 Sep 2014

"And would he have a real chance of becoming Scotland's first PM?"

In view of his fervent speech in support of the union I hardly think he would have a chance at all.

  flycatcher1 14:33 18 Sep 2014

At the moment the Markets appears to favour a "NO" vote but what do they know.

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