should ross go 2

  greyballs 12:49 29 Oct 2008

i visited my three local pubs last night to conduct my own straw pole as i said in my post yesterday i dont care about ratings,but the overwhelming consensus from real people ranging from 20 to 60yrs male and female was a yes,and RB didnt have many freinds either.but the points made by most was not the message left on sachs machine,but the overall lack of talent between the two.

  The Brigadier 13:15 29 Oct 2008
  sunnystaines 13:24 29 Oct 2008

they both should go, why are they being paid so much its a huge waste of licence fee money.

  JYPX 13:43 29 Oct 2008

If they are not sacked, I think the repercussions will be lengthy and painful for the BBC. Some have described this as a watershed moment, and indeed I think it is. Last night I listened to a phone in show on 5 Live about this topic. The presenter and his 2 guests, who I believe were professional comedians, were, to my amazement, laughing at callers who were unhappy about the Sachs incident.
At one point, one of the guests was asked, what would it take, what would Ross actually have to do to merit the sack. Her reply was "I guess he would have to kill somebody".

  Seth Haniel 13:49 29 Oct 2008

yesterday morning there were 4000 complaints and today there are 18,000 complaints - when the show has not been available for a week or more ??

can I backdate my complaint about Alf garnet ???


  QuizMan 13:49 29 Oct 2008

I don't like either of them, but we must be careful not to be two-faced about this. For example, can you honestly say that you haven't indirectly condoned similar activity by, say, buying CD's by rock stars that have been arrested for drugs matters or wrecking hotel rooms etc. Or perhaps watching Newcastle United or Portsmouth whilst with Joey Barton and Tony Adams having criminal records.

  tillybaby 14:01 29 Oct 2008

Like you I was wondering how on earth the complaints had risen so much but then realised that not everyone had heard the obscene messages initially as I don't suppose that many people tune into R. Brands radio station, it was only after they had been broadcast on the many news channels that people became aware of just how low and disgusting these two overpaid schoolboys are,

Like greyballs, I think most people think they should be sacked through total lack of talent. How on earth the BBC can justify the salary paid to J. Ross is beyond me.

  JYPX 14:03 29 Oct 2008

Seth Haniel
Many people are making this point but it still doesn't make any sense. Audio and webcam clips at different points in the show have been shown on all news channels.
When you see a controversial sending-off from a major football match on the news, do you refuse to have an opinion on what you have seen because you "haven't seen the whole 90 minutes".......?

  JYPX 14:16 29 Oct 2008

QuizMan - I don't think any of the individuals you mentioned were due to appear on the BBC to conduct (for example) a serious interview with Dame Judi Dench about her new film - frankly a sickening prospect in this case. At least the suspension is a start.

  Condom 14:34 29 Oct 2008

Very little of what goes out on TV or Radio is actually live. Even live shows are not truely live. Shows are scripted well in advance, rehearsed and timed to ensure that they "fit in" to the schedule. JR is actually saying other people's words much of the time as shows are normally put together with a group of writers.

He is a front man and actually very good most of the time at doing this. Like him or loathe him he is normally still a good front man. His Friday Night shows are "near the knuckle" and he normally manages to keep within that shows guidlines and his ad-libbing is in most cases within the bounds allowed by that sort of show. Blocking out bad indescressions on this type of show is difficult as I believe the person responsible for doing it has something like 5 seconds to make a decision on using the bleep. Perhaps they should have longer.

RB's radio show was not live and so could have been edited if the powers that be thought it went beyond what was expected in this sort of show. Whether the BBC should be puting on shows of this type is really another argument. Comedy has moved with the times and will continue to do so as it reflects society as a whole. Doesn't say much about where we presently are, does it?

AS is also a comedian and is in show business as is his grand-daughter (some would argue) and they more than most know what this sort of career can entail. To hang all this on JR and RB is puting the blame on two people when perhaps a wider look is necessary and yes possibly a cooling off period as this has grown bigger than it really should.

  Seth Haniel 15:23 29 Oct 2008

Until you see how many fake video's there are on youtube -
with PCs you can make anything say anything - so who is to say what is there is the correct version of events.

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