Should PE teachers be banned

  Sammy2003 12:29 09 Jun 2017

What do you think? What bad experiences have you had from them? Should they be banned or PE made optional?

  wee eddie 12:48 09 Jun 2017

What have you against PE Teachers, I'd be more in favour in banning RE.

  Sammy2003 12:54 09 Jun 2017

Well, you can ban RE too. Mine made me do the lesson in my knickers cos I didn't have my kit. Is that a good enough reason?

  lotvic 14:06 09 Jun 2017

That is not a good enough reason to spit your dummy out (have a tantrum). I hope you learned 2 lessons from that experience. Don't forget your kit and the Teacher is in charge - not the students.

  Sammy2003 14:10 09 Jun 2017

So you think its ok I had to do the lesson in my knickers? Don't you think I should have just sat out instead?

  lotvic 14:14 09 Jun 2017

No I don't think you should have 'just sat out instead' - you would have set a precedent - 'forget kit and get out of doing lesson'

Yes I do think it ok that you had to do the lesson in your knickers, no sympathy from me, hope you were embarrassed enough to make you remember your kit for next time.

  Sammy2003 14:20 09 Jun 2017

Well, I certainly won't forget my kit again. But do you really think its right that as a 14 year old girl I had to do the lesson in my UNDERWEAR!!? Shouldn't there be laws against that?

  Quickbeam 14:21 09 Jun 2017

Our PE teacher used to make us an appointment with Mr Dunlop for any misbehaviour.

Mr Dunlop was a size 12 Dunlop Green Flash tennis shoe.

But my generation survived mentally intact, well almost...

  lotvic 14:24 09 Jun 2017

...and the difference between knickers and a bikini bottom is?

  Quickbeam 14:28 09 Jun 2017

Knickers come up to you chest!

  Sammy2003 14:28 09 Jun 2017

A bikini bottom is designed to be worn for others to see. Knickers aren't - they're a bit skimpier!

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