Should PCA incorporate a spelling check for postin

  Widows Son 15:27 17 Nov 2004

The spelling on this site is really quite atrocious! I admit that my postings are every bit as poor as the rest, but now we are officially entering the Nanny State (I do hope that no-one reading this is smoking in a public place) surely we should be protected from our own typos.

All corrections to my grammar gratefully accepted before being completely ignored, I’m away to find a corner not covered by CCTV for a fag.

  Peverelli 15:43 17 Nov 2004

The FE has stated many times that PCA will not be providing a spell checker here. To circumvent the problem, people could compose their reply in Word - use its spell checker and then copy/paste into the reply box.

There are also online spell checkers that many forum members use, no doubt one or two will be posted below ;-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:48 17 Nov 2004

This is all you will ever here


  watchful 15:54 17 Nov 2004


  watchful 15:59 17 Nov 2004

Just a couple of corrections before you disappear into your puff of smoke:

surely we should be protected from our own typos ?

and Widow's Son :o)

  Forum Editor 17:22 17 Nov 2004

It's cropped up many times before.

My own view is that perfect spelling in every post - desirable though it might be - is an unrealistic expectation. When I went to school bad spelling was unacceptable, and great emphasis was placed on the importance of being able to communicate via the written word. Nowadays it seems that it's considered less important. You and I might deplore that state of affairs, but it's the way things are. We may pay a heavy price in terms of our country's future contribution to literature and drama, but that remains to be seen.

In the meantime there are no plans to incorporate a spell-checker into the forum - there are plenty of alternatives. Click on GANDALF <|:-)>'s link and you'll have one of the best.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:10 17 Nov 2004

Further to the old wizard's suggestion, for Opera use Aspell click here

  Djohn 18:15 17 Nov 2004

Use this one. click here

They all work without conflict.

  Dorsai 18:25 17 Nov 2004

All you have to do is remember to click on the 'check spelling' button, before the 'post responce' button. Somthing i forget as often as i remember.

And bad spelling can be more to do with lack of typing skills than spelling ability. Not that my spelling is very good, but my acuracy when typing is worse.

And then if you don't notice the error, it gets posted, for all to ridicule.

Nad just coz B is next to N, and they both got hit, rather than just the N.

  It's Me 22:10 17 Nov 2004

I need this

  stalion 22:22 17 Nov 2004

yes and let's have the Oxford English dictionary on here as well.We do not need a spell checker on here,posters do their best and that should be enough, these posts complaining about poster's English are getting very nauseating.

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