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Should Odeon Cinemas survive as a business

  wee eddie 20:19 05 Oct 2018

Our local Odeon (4 Screens) is almost invisible. No lights, not even a sign saying Cinema.

Outside,there's just a list of prices, what's on, and a single poster. All un-illuminated.

Inside, the snacks are ASDA Quality at Harrods prices.

  Quickbeam 20:44 05 Oct 2018

Have you had a bad magic lantern experience!

  wee eddie 20:52 05 Oct 2018

No, I'm watching from my Taxi at a dribble of folk going in

  Aitchbee 21:06 05 Oct 2018

Cinemas are struggling just like other High Street stores. The internet is to blame. Staying Alive is Mission Impossible, I reckon.

  Menzie 23:26 05 Oct 2018

Can't speak for UK cinemas but Canadian cinemas are thriving. The cinemas here all have full parking lots every night and they've improved the snacking experience by bringing in known franchises such as Pizza Pizza, Baskin & Robbins and Subways (marked up quite a bit).

The tickets are fairly modest as far as prices go. They have also introduced fancier seats at a premium which are roomier and recline.

I go the movies occasionally but every time I pass the cinemas in my area I can see that they are still drawing crowds.

You can also subscribe to a streaming service from the cinema which shows quite recent releases all from the comfort of your armchair.

  Quickbeam 04:19 06 Oct 2018

Pop corn and M&Ms are one thing, but I can't do with the smell of other peoples pizza, got dogs or Mexican wraps wafting across from the next row!

That's diner food, eat it in a diner....

  Forum Editor 07:48 06 Oct 2018

My local cinema complex charged exorbitant prices for confectionery, snacks and drinks. Add to that the fact that you invariably have a long wait at the understaffed counter, and you are left with a negative feeling about the business.

When you get into one of the seven screening areas things look up - seats are comfortable, and the sound system is superb.

  canarieslover 08:46 06 Oct 2018

FE - The main reason for going to the cinema is the sound experience. No matter what set-up you have at home you don't have space for reproduction that the cinema has. Careful searching almost always reveals a way to get cheaper tickets but even OAP's don't get a discount on the confectionary etc. Take your own seems to be the only answer to that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:21 06 Oct 2018

took grandson to cinema - running late so while wife went for ickets I went for popcorn.

Wife got to ticket booth and found they had just sold last ticket, a quick search on the phone found another cinema showing same film a few miles away so we went there to watch the film eating the popcorn bought from the first cinema.


  daz60 04:18 07 Oct 2018

Yes,the cinematic experience is far superior to smallscreen.Maybe they could generate interest and income by streaming concerts or sports (no alcoholic beverages mind).

  Quickbeam 07:25 07 Oct 2018

' The main reason for going to the cinema is the sound experience.'

What about the big screen visual experience? Dr Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, Lord of the Rings or Dunkirk are examples of films that come alive visually on the silver screen!

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