Should MPs be able to veto rulings from the European Court of Human Rights?

  hssutton 17:00 03 Oct 2014

The Tories have vowed to bring back 'common sense' to British justice with a human rights review.Should our Parliament and British courts decide British law, or should we carry on as now with ECHR?

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  john bunyan 17:11 03 Oct 2014

I would prefer a compromise whereby the ECHR can make a strong recommendation on a case but the UK Supreme Court should decide whether to enforce it. I prefer Parliament pass laws rather than deciding cases. There have been cases like this, on whole life tariffs etc.

  sunnystaines 17:44 03 Oct 2014


  caccy 17:53 03 Oct 2014

The one size fits all syndrome will never work. Each country has its own set of parameters that work for that country and no other. So lets go back to making our own laws.

  hssutton 19:01 03 Oct 2014

I'm in complete agreement with John on this.

  bremner 19:03 03 Oct 2014


  kad292 19:09 03 Oct 2014

Yes,is it not now time for a written constitution to protect our liberties or has our sovereignty being undermined too much by these encroachments from the EU.

  Forum Editor 19:20 03 Oct 2014

In general terms I believe that this will be a popular vote-catching move, which is exactly its purpose.

Anyone who thinks that it will be as straightforward as Chris Grayling makes out however,is deluded.

  bumpkin 19:49 03 Oct 2014

Another YES from me. It may not be straightforward but it can't get any dafter than at present.

  OTT_B 20:42 03 Oct 2014

I thought the (very poorly thought out, UKIP fighting, popularist) proposal was to allow the UK courts to have the final say on a given matter, rather than for parliament to decide (Home Secretary decisions not withstanding)?

  flycatcher1 22:43 03 Oct 2014

It may be a "Populist Vote Catcher" but that does not necessarily mean that it is wrong. I suspect that a large number of people in this country, maybe a majority, are unhappy about some of the decisions made by ECHR.

We are a Democratic Country and we should have the right to control our own laws and if we think that any current Government is passing the wrong laws we should vote them out.

I feel that our Supreme Court should be exactly that, we may not always agree with their decisions, but the SP is ours.

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