Should the Met Commissioner Go?

  VideoSentry 13:52 02 Nov 2007

Should he resign following the De-Menezes enquiry?

  Al94 14:01 02 Nov 2007

I believe he will go in the near future and his replacement will be the current Chief Constable of the PSNI Sir Hugh Orde.

  JanetO 14:15 02 Nov 2007

It's often company policy to close ranks and add support to someone at the head of a large organisation when things go wrong. You see it in any profession, GMC, police, solicitors, etc.

Rather than owning up and admitting mistakes, what usually happens is if someone cocks up the person in charge is often promoted. This is a 'statement' to say there's not really been a huge mistake.

People like to have a scapegoat, someone to blame and in this case I don't think it would be beneficial to the police force if he resigned. To my mind the real culprit in this matter would have been the Commander in charge of the Menezes fiasco, Ms Dicks.

I think this is a political manoeuvre by Sir Ian's enemies to get him to stand down.

What I do find vaguely amusing is this case was brought under the Health and Safety Act, as if men running around with machine pistols in a tube train wouldn't in some way be harzardous to one's health.

  jack 14:34 02 Nov 2007

This whole case has come up to placate the those that have an issue with the status quo.
In the situations like this where 'suspect'
individual are at large with the potential to kill and maim, with communitcation from distand observers passing to a control centre thence outward to others
situtation such as this are bounf to happen- and will happen again.
What ever the merits of the incumbent commissioner or even the individual in charge of the operation- they have to rely on the judgement of individual at the sharp end. and once the observers lose contact with a suspect and shout 'He coming your way' you can be sure someone somewhere will get it wrong- and those back at base will be totally impotent.
The head of the whole situation can only react to information passed to him- he has no other source, no crystal ball.
So should he go on this count ?
No what happened he had no direct control over.
Should he go at all?
Probably sooner rather than later because it is perceived there is a lack of confidence in his ability to do the job.

  Marko797 17:08 02 Nov 2007

agreed. The most accountable is Ms Dicks to my mind. She has been quick however to try and body-swerve, and deflect onto her own officers. I think she said she 'acted on the information provided to her from the ground' or something.

However, this might end up like the fiasco in football, where the manager gets sacked for the poor performance of his players.

I don't think Blair should go, as I think he is the right man for the job, but he just might end up going. If he does, then it'll be for political reasons of course, to appease the sometimes narrow minded masses.

  oresome 17:36 02 Nov 2007

He does seem gaffe prone but wasn't kept fully informed of an evolving situation in this instance which did him no good.

It was a tragedy and it's to be hoped some lessons will be learnt. Had it been the right man, the police would be basking in glory. It's a fine line.

  namtas 17:54 02 Nov 2007

In the public service the buck stops at the top that is one of the rules of Government employment you are supposed to know everything that happens under your control. Unfortunately a ignorance plea isn't usually accepted.

  Forum Editor 18:04 02 Nov 2007

it should surely be Cressida Dick.

  wee eddie 18:31 02 Nov 2007

But considering that Labour Ministers rarely take the long walk when they screw up.

I don't see why she should.

  Monoux 18:44 02 Nov 2007

Brings to mind

Minister -- Has it been officially denied ?

Civil Servant -- Of Course Minister

Minister - Oh my God it must be true then

  spuds 10:20 03 Nov 2007

If Sir Ian Blair retires or is advised to leave,he will have a good pension with perks and other very favourable doors and positions will be opened for him.So this is a win win situation, whichever the way you look at it.

The same applies to Ms Dick's, and according to media reports yesterday, she doesn't get fazed, whatever the circumstances!.

This subject is not about to vanish, and eventually something or someone will have to reconsider their future, even though the prime minister and another government minister have given their full support as to the actions taken by the police!.

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