should lewis come back for Klitschko

  sunnystaines 15:38 24 Nov 2008

rumour has it if offered £100M he will come back. I think his health and record are more important.

whats your views.

no doubt any comeback will be pay per view out of general viewing.

  Forum Editor 16:49 24 Nov 2008

but no doubt others do.

  sunnystaines 16:51 24 Nov 2008

heavyweight boxing lennox lewis

  interzone55 17:04 24 Nov 2008

Now where would the £100m come from?

Surely the ticket sales & TV rights wouldn't raise that amount...

  Joe R 17:22 24 Nov 2008

I'll fight both, along with their Rottweilers, for only £1m.

  sunnystaines 17:22 24 Nov 2008


perhaps thats why he gave that sum, tactful way of saying no!

  Belatucadrus 00:10 25 Nov 2008

He's got nothing to prove and should leave well alone. The resurrection of assorted has beens from the boxing archives like the once great Evander Holeyfield (but that was a very very long time ago), Frans Botha and the never as good as he thought he was Riddickulous Bowe. Because there's nobody of any real quality to fight the Klitchko brothers, just shows what a pale shadow of itself heavyweight boxing has become. Lewis would be wise to have nothing to do with it and fortunately he appears to have sufficient brain cells left to know this.
Maybe David Haye can do something, I've long given up on Audley A-force but only in his own mind Harrison.

  jakimo 11:11 25 Nov 2008

Lewis was asked this question on a radio link just after the Hatton fight,he was a bit evasive in his reply,but did say he had nothing to prove,although £100M would be worth considering,knowing that know one was likely to make such an offer

  donki 12:35 25 Nov 2008

In there previous meeting Lewis won on a TKO because Klitchko's face was a bloody mess, although apparently the judges had Klitchko winning. I dont think it would be worth Lewis even considerign this, hes been out for to long and has nothing at all to prove. I am sure him and several generations of his family are set for life.


David Haye looks the real deal although he has said himself he found his first fight at heavyweight alot more difficult than cruserweight. We know he can punch hard it has to bee seen if he can take it. IMO if he was to fight anyone of the Klitchko brothers in his next fight it would be over very early on, he needs time to adapt.

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