Should heroin addicts be prescribed heroin on the

  hssutton 16:31 26 Apr 2010

Should heroin addicts be prescribed heroin on the NHS?

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We could of course go one step further and used the tax from tobacco addicts to fund the heroin :)

  spuds 17:32 26 Apr 2010

Considering that the NHS are already turning away people who require 'special' medication for cancer etc, then perhaps the powers in being should seek justifiable alternatives, and that doesn't mean employing more advisor's and Drug Tsars.

  sunnystaines 17:33 26 Apr 2010

they get it in the form of methadone already, many of which is sold on to other addicts, some places make the druggie consume while supervised to stop this.

  Quickbeam 17:39 26 Apr 2010

"Should heroin addicts be prescribed heroin on the NHS?"
As unfair as it seems to those needing expensive treatments to keep living, the alternative would be leave them to rot on the streets, and collect the bodies at a later date.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:00 26 Apr 2010

'As unfair as it seems to those needing expensive treatments to keep living' is no more unfair than treating all the other addicts which many seem to ignore...those addicted to alcohol and nicotine. There is no difference between the difference substances used just the names.


  sunnystaines 18:16 26 Apr 2010

can you imagine it free booze and fags for these addicts.

and free gambling allowance too for these addicts.

patients needing health treatment should come first

  Quickbeam 18:37 26 Apr 2010

Will there be free chocolate too...?

  egapup 18:50 26 Apr 2010

No. Where do stop with thinking like that.

  Quickbeam 19:08 26 Apr 2010 licorice...?

  hssutton 19:09 26 Apr 2010

"It's estimated that the crime associated with acquiring money to obtain drugs costs the economy about £13.9bn a year."

The cost to society of smoking, is calculated to be about £13.74 billion.

Personnaly I find it bizarre that one addict is taxed to the hilt, whereas the other would get the "Fix" free

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:22 26 Apr 2010

'Smokers don't go around breaking into houses to get the money for their fags or selling their bodies'...Alcoholics do though. It matters not how one chooses to describe Nicotine or Alcohol, they would be both Class One drugs if they were 'invented' today.


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